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When you advise some people to leave bad LTCF's!! I'm SO glad right now that I just left the place that I did! I just talked to the day RN there, and the place has been turned into state for... Read More

  1. by   njbikernurse
    The more I hear about long term care, the more I think there's just no safe place in it for me. It's a rare facility where the nurses have all been on the job together for a long time, and being together for a while is what makes teams work. My best job in LTC was with a group who all started together, and all looked out for each other from shift to shift. We really, truly did worry about leaving something undone, or not properly following up on something, because we knew very personally the nurse who was going to pick up the slack. It wasn't just about personal liability, but the liability of our whole team. I miss those days. It's the only time I ever felt that I gave really good patient care in LTC. My other jobs left me feeling like it was me against the world, and how fast do you burn out when you feel like that? Just my 2 cents.....
    P.S. "Run, forrest, run" is exactly how I felt at my last job! Great words to capture that feeling of OMG, get me out of here before somebody ends up dead. Sad but true.
  2. by   banditrn
    Well, the next facility that I went to WAS better, altho not perfect. I did finally leave tho, because my disability - essential tremor - got to the point where I no longer could write for very long without major muscle cramps.

    I really thought that I would miss nursing, and I do get bored, but I don't ever miss the nursing part - all I have to do is spend time here on the board, reading some of the posts - and I'm a happy camper!!