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Yes work in a nursing home and have a lot to get off my chest.their is such a shortage of nurses here in texas and a little worse in the nursing home.they just do not want to pay and their is such a... Read More

  1. by   blondie
    "We do all the hard work?" C'mon, we ALL do the hard work. I am an RN who worked last Saturday from 7 AM until 10 PM with only one 15-minute break and one 10-minute break to eat and go to the bathroom. That's 25 minutes out of 15 hours!

    As for physical abuse, wish I could show you the scratches on my forearm from the gentleman who did not wish to have his fingerstick yesterday morning.

    There are good and bad in every profession. My facility has some aides who really ought to be nurses. They have a great intuition as to when "something isn't right," and before you can even say, "Please get a BP," they are already wheeling the machine down the hallway. HOWEVER, we also have some who refuse to lend a hand, because "that isn't my resident."

    Regarding the comment of TracyB, I once overheard a CNA instructor on the phone with her superior. The instructor really wished she could flunk one of her students, but was under pressure not to do so because it would reflect poorly on the school's success rate.

  2. by   unmovableshortie
    CNA's are the "backbone" of long term care!! A reliable, competent CNA is worth his/her weight in gold. What makes it so hard for us all are the CNA's who are not reliable. Call-ins, No Shows, or always "off the unit". We've got to police ourselves, keep and honor the good ones and weed out the riff raff that make it hard on all of us.
  3. by   kimberle
    I agree with blondie. We ALL do a lot of work! I was a CNA for 10 years before becoming an RN. There are plusses and minuses in both areas. I know I am dependent on the CNA's. There is a purpose for every person. Nursing is hard work and unfortunately can be pretty dangerous at times because of pt. acuity, staffing needs. I expect every team member to do their jobs, what they've been hired for, as I also expect myself to do my job. I feel we just all have to recognize that we all have different roles and they're all geared toward the common goal of providing healthcare to our patients. The best way to do this is for us to take care of each other.
  4. by   maureenRN
    I work in a long term acute care hospital. The PCA's I work with sometimes have a team of 10-14 patients to care for. I will always tell them if I'm not busy I'll help them in any way I can. "I didn't become a RN to wipe butts" seems to be all too common. If my patient is incontinent, I will not make him/her wait until a PCA can get there to clean him/her up. It takes a team effort! The PCA's know which RN's will help and which ones won't. I will also help my LPN if she/he needs help. Everyone is busy... you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours!!!
  5. by   happylpn
    I agree nursing asst's are our backbone. I was one for 6 years before I decided if I stayed at it it would kill me.I recently went from 20 years in LTC to assisted living. These aides are untrained for the most part,and very spoiled.They are appalled if I ask them to get a b/p.nevermind asking them to care for an incontinent resident. They make less than stna's and boy do they ***** about it.I constantly tell them how good they have it and how nursing home aides are worth more than what they make. I threaten to send them down to the nursing home where they will see what work really is. They just don't get it. I love them all and appreciate all they do but they need a reality check...
  6. by   caddie
    Tell me about it. I'm a weekend RN supervisor. Just came off 12 hour work day. Every weekend I deal with call-ins. This weekend two CNA's called in on subacute unit which left me with 3 to work a 41 patient unit. All I do is spend my time on the phone trying to get help from agency and /or staff but to no avail. No wonder nurses are getting out of this occupation. NO-ONE seems to CARE about the residents anymore.
  7. by   sassynurse78
    I agree with the above: CNA's can make or break a facility. As for the call ins I can relate. I have spent the first two hours of my shift trying to find some help and the weekends are terrible.
  8. by   ShortFuse_LPN
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  9. by   Mister Chris
    YES! YES! YES! It is much the same in Australia.
    I work as an RN in Aged Care facilities and get your vibes loud and clear. I just wish I could do more. I wonder, do you have such things as accreditation - government controlled reviews that come around so often that you dream of writing care plans in your sleep. I must say that I did hear a doctor quote the other day to another doctor (who was in obvious aggreement) that there is no such thing nowadays as an "old people's home" what we realy have are many extensions to the main hospitals' medical wards! They just call them "old people's homes" so they can crack the whip and pay less money!
    From the bottom of my heart a very big thank you to all the asistants and aids, not to forget the volunteers and the work experience kids, - and even the 'work for the dole' guys and gals.
    I had thought after 30 years plus in the nursing game I might write a book - but I could possibly be sued!
    I will just work a bit harder and keep encouraging you wonderful workers.:kiss