nurse staffing for LTC

  1. I have worked for a certain LTC facility for 6 years, and we have an east side and a west side. There has always ( in my 6 years there) been a nurse for each side, one side has 40 residents, one side has 52 residents, 15 are skilled beds. I work 10-6 shift,
    well now because they are short a nurse on the 10-6 shift, and haven't filled it yet, they are talking about having only one nurse ( which are LPN's) to cover both sides "once in awhile", with a med aide.
    I am really upset because with one side you are running all night, I can't imagine running 2 sides!!. I am thinking all the worse thoughts of coarse, like 2 codes at once, 3 falls at once, ect.. and Me...... the only licensed person there!! Do I have any rights here?? what are other's working with , as far as number of residents verses staffing of licensed persons? I would appreciate any feed back on this... Thanks,
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  3. by   tinkertoys
    THAT'S CRAZY!!! There's no way one nurse can keep up with 92 patients. I'm assuming you're working 10p to 6a... The problem is most likely the universal misconception(even with people who should know better) that your patients actually SLEEP at night. As it is, there is precious little time for luxuries such as potty breaks. And it only takes One incident to throw everything hopelessly behind. I would object to this proposal, in writing, to your DON and administrator. Remind them of all you are doing while they're at home tucked into their cozy beds. They're putting your patient's welfare at risk, and if anything goes wrong, it's YOUR license that will be on the line. Our staffing ratio is roughly the same on 11-7, and in an emergency, we pull together to take care of business, but we're NEVER short to that extent for more than a couple of hours. It's just not safe!

    Good luck, and keep us posted.
  4. by   donmurray
    However theoretical, how does one nurse take a break? With two, they can cover each other, but with only one, either you go, endangering the patients, and your licence, or you stay, and need to be paid for *all* your working time.
  5. by   Sleepyeyes
    ....just say no.... you'd hafta have :angel2:
  6. by   night owl
    That's absolutely insane!!! Would most definately start writing to the DON and the administrator. That is way too unsafe of a staffing level for even "once and a while" to cover both sides! If nothing changes, I'd run as fast as I could to the next better staffed LTC facility.

  7. by   evswife
    thanks for making me see the "light", I know I can't do it ( work both sides)- even once in awhile" thanks for the support, we are covered thru July , I'll keep you all posted! thanks
  8. by   tigger2sassy
    don't do this-- cya-- agree that it would be dangerous practice to try to take care of this many patients-- no one is a supernurse--we can only do so much
  9. by   lynniepooh
    Similar thing at my current job. Two floors, usual census 50 per floor. I'm the only facility nurse at night, and agency is utilized for the other floor. Occasionaly, they don't show, and I've been in the position on being the only license in the building. I'll call the DON, ADON, and beg and demand help and almost always get it. I can't believe your facility would put YOU at this kind of risk, INTENTIONALLY, not to mention themselves.