New LPN in ALF, lacking confidence, HELP!

  1. I graduated LPN school March 06 and just got my first job at a posh ALF. I sat out a year after graduating,,because at 52, I was financially able to and wanted to take an extended vacation overseas adn piddle aroudn the house and do nothing,,since once I stared working, I knew it would be ages before I accumulated enough time to take a vacation. SO,,,,,,,
    I started this 3p-11p job 2 weeks ago and am in orientation until the end of the month. I have 58 residents and pull meds for the entire shift at one time. It tkaes teh more experienced nurse 2 hours to pull them all,,and so far,,it's taking me an hour and a half jjust to pull a little less than HALF fo the 58! I'm petrified that I'm too slow,,that I'm not catching on fast enough,,in general,,a total failure. PLUS,,yesterday,,I came down with a horrible URI and went to teh doctor,,he gave me meds and an excuse for 2 days,,I called my supervisor as instructed,,,now I'm scared that I'm gonna be fired when I show back up on Monday!!!!!!!! I used to be very confident and in control of my life,,now,,suddenly,,a new career,,a new job,,the physical demands,,that 'fight or flight' response is kicking in adn I'm wondering if I've made a terrible mistake thinking I can do this. *sighs*
    Maybe I just need to go get some cheese to go with MY WHINE!!!!!!!!
    Any suggestions or words of encouragement are appreciated~~
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  3. by   TeresaB930
    give yourself an break!! everybody is slow at the start of a new job. the bosses know this, and anticipate you to be on a learning curve for the first few months. i started in a long term care facility as a tech, and could absolutely relate to your feelings. but it all came together, i became faster, and more confident in my assessments of my patients.

    hang in there....everybody feels this way starting a new position in a new field. good luck!!

  4. by   jpRN84
    DONT WORRY. I used to work in a ALF and had the exact same fears as you when i started. The med pass does get easier once you get familiar with it and the residents and get your routine down. Just take one thing at a time and don't be hard on yourself, and as far as you needing to miss work for a couple of days, I wouldnt worry about it, you do have a doctor's excuse after all. Hang in there. :spin:
  5. by   DTC
    Thanks ya'll~~
    It's so nice to be able to come here and spew out all my innermost fears and anxieties and know that i'm not alone. I'll let you know how things are going in the coming weeks.
    God bless each of you!
  6. by   jpRN84
    You're quite welcome. Good luck with the job. :spin: