My resident with hip fracture

  1. The resident I posted about passed away...I just came from her visitation tonight. Her daughters said a blood clot from the hip fracture caused her death.

    I'm sorry she suffered with it, but she is out of pain now and I hope the care we gave her these last weeks didn't make it worse. She was really something and touched me.
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  3. by   nur20
    Sorry Vicki30cna, stay strong. visit my website second page
  4. by   Carer
    I am sorry to hear that the lady died. I know how hard that is I have had people die that I have cared for and it is so hard to deal with. You have to carry on working as well as grieve. And that is not easy. Just remember that you Cared for her in the best way you knew how to. And that even though she had a bad hip, she "loved" you for the Care and attention that she recieved from you. You helped her in her last years and you made them happy for her. Nursing is a lovely job, but the draw backs are if someone you are caring for dies. We know that might happen some day, but we go into the job for the Care that we know we can give to people. Take Care and continue your job as always that is what that lady would have wanted you to do.
  5. by   Carer
    I just had a thought cross my mind. I saw that you said that the lady fell out of bed. May I ask if there were any guard rails in place when she was put to bed the prevoius night? Also haveing gaurd rails also depends on the residents state of Mind as well. I would be interested to know if there were saftey rails in place. Thankyou.
  6. by   Vicki30CNA
    This resident was not on fall pre cautions before her fall. After of course she was put on a beeper pad and one rail.

    Our facility is in the process of getting all new beds that lower to the floor and these new beds have a rail that is maybe a foot or foot and a half at the head of the bed on both sides.

    With the state wanting a no rail restraint I guess it's a complience. We hate them. Already we've had a resident that never fell out of the bed "fall" out onto the floor mats twice. Once it resulted into a skin tear. That's irony for you, huh?!
  7. by   nur20
    Be careful with patient's that would tend to climb over the rails