My mother has Alzheimer's disease

  1. My mother has "mild" Alzheimer's and some days she drives me crazy. I am wondering if other people here have family members with Alzheimer"s? If you do, how are you coping with it? Thanks
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    i'm so sorry one in my family has it but i do have a couple of friends whose mothers have it; and it's an extremely trying and drawn out process. i've referred many family members to support groups. to me personally, i find alzheimer's one of the cruelest fates to be dealt. just expect to feel a wide array of emotions and acknowledge them for what they are. again, you have my heartfelt sympathy....vent here anytime....

  4. by   Blackcat99
    Thanks Leslie for your support. My biggest problem is she won't let me do anything for her. I say to her "Mom let's go to Walmart and get you some clothes" She says "No it costs too much money" I say Mom I am buying it for you so it is "free" for you. Still she insists on wearing the same clothes she bought in the 1980"s. She goes to adult day care twice a week. I am worried that they are going to call adult protective services and say "Her daughter is neglecting her she doesn't buy her any new clothes"