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  1. Besides being the MDS cordinator, I also transmit to the state weekly our records. Yesterday as I was transmitting to the state, I found from May of 2001, 7 annuals and a bevey of quarterlys were not sent from the MDS cordinator that was previously doing the job. (She no longer is employed at our facility) I went ahead and sent them to the state. Has this ever happened to you? And what are the problems associated with this situation. TEX
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  3. by   Catsrule16
    It triggers the surveying agency to look at late assessments. When the state pulls the QI's for the next survey, they get a printout of late assessments for the past year. If you have noticed you have a problem, QA the problem. If you can show that those assessments were truely missed by the last person in your position have it in writing somewhere. Get to know F287 of the regulations. Remember, this is a paper work issue. Where there any negative outcomes from this? Usually not. Good Luck.
  4. by   tex
    Thank you for the response Catrule.........Tex I welcome all the knowledge of the experienced..............
  5. by   bandaidexpert
    Hey tex...In Florida, CMS(Center for Medicare & Medicaid)is now generating a "Missing Assessments" list. I pull it up from the same site I get validation reports after transmitting. I usually receive it about the 5th of the month. In our sunny state, CMS is looking at these assessments and intitiating off site F tags for incomplete assessments, whether recent or from 1999! I did the same thing you did-I transmitted them. It's always something!
  6. by   tex
    bandaidexpert...I went to my site for validation reports, where would I even request this. I have a site where I request QI reporting, where I submit MDS data. Help............TEX
  7. by   WeSignificants
    In California, the reports are all listed by number. You have to click on them to see what report it is. The other day I printed the late assessment report and low and behold found 126 (not a typo) assessments missing. I too have only been the job for 8 months and these are all from before my time. So far I haven't done anything with them. I am waiting to here from admin and dns before I transmit all these.
  8. by   tex you happen to have the name or number of your report? I realize you are in a totally different state, and we propably have different soft wear, but when you go to the CMS site to submit, there is a bar that you can click for validation reports/ reports Does this sound like your system? I appreciate all the help. I have been doing this since January of 2001, And you would think by now I would have a feeling of comfort doing them but You will see when you go to the genetric nursing here, a lot of my post........I have been given some great advise and have learned...there are people who really have the experience in this area..............Tex
  9. by   GeorgieGirl
    My CMS website where I submit sounds similar to yours. I once found a previously unsubmitted MDS also, it was late by a quarter. I also submitted it, that was about a month ago. State survey is due any day now. :uhoh21:
  10. by   Rustyhammer
    This stuff happens and what survey wants to know most is that you first realize that there is a problem (late or not done assessments) and also do you have a plan of correction already in place for the problem.
    If you have these 2 things then you probably will not get a severe tag.
  11. by   Fran-RN
    As bandaidexpert and WeSignificant said, the report of late or missing assessments, should be in the same place where you get your acknowledgement reports and your QI reports. I believe their are at least 6 reports compiled monthly by CMS, one is a resident roster, one- late or missing assess, the others I don't recall what data they give you ,but I always printed them and saved them. because they don't stay in the CMS data base. In Indiana , we are a Case -mix State, and we also get a missing /late assess report from the state. Just remember, they are talking about OBRA assess not PPS. Any way I kept a list of assess due then checked them off with my acknowledgement reports to make sure I had submitted all my assess. Hope this helps.
  12. by   Fran-RN
    I think we've all had this happen. I know when I was at my last job, there were several assess that hadn't been sent and several that were coded wrong on discharged causing the subsequent readmissions to be refused. AGHHHH! Oh well, it all works out but , how frustrating.
  13. by   tex
    Oddly enough, as I prepared to transmit to the state this am, as I do q thursday, the dates I always put in are 3 weeks back and my new week. But today I put in from May 13 1999 to May 17 2002, And my GOD++ there were 40 assessments mainly all annuals, admissions missed. Once I look at why, most were not locked w/our system or some other stupid reason. I transmitted to the state. Then I got that validation report, and had 5 rejects. Fixed those, mainly d/t our social worker not putting in the face sheet with dates past the assessment that needed to go in. What a day, took me around 6 hours. I know that the state will have a neon light flashing towards our facility. Just a month ago I sent in assessments completely missed for the month of May in 2001. And the prior MDS coordinator of 5 years stated "I never make mistakes, there fore I haven't ever had to send in corrections to the state" Well guess what as the DON/Adon and myself do Q/A;s on some charts, the weights were wrong, the number of pressure ulcers wrong, and missing diagnosis were missed so those corrections were sent in. And to top it all off, we have had 1 of our residents come back from the hospital with the diagnosis of FECAL IMPACTION, and our floor nurses have documented fecal impaction on 3 other residents, that were never impacted. So, tell me if I am mistaken, but our facility has just become a neon sign telling the state come on in now. Our survey is usually at the very end of July q year. Bet they will be coming in sooner. What do you think? Tex
  14. by   GeorgieGirl
    How 'bout that DEHYDRATION dx. our local hosp. just LOVES to use for readmission?!? I feel your pain. I have learned the hard way NOT