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  1. Hi all, myself and another LPN will be working on overhauling our wound care strategies. Managers would like us to start asap to get better continuity, although we will further certified in Advanced Wound Care this fall. One thing I'd like to change immediately is the wound care kits used on each floor. We have cabinets to stock dressing supplies, but the portable kit stocked with basics is essentially a generic carry caddy filled with assorted supplies. Any suggestions for a more organized kit system that is cost effective (considering we will need several), as well as suggestions as to what should be stocked at minimum? (Sterile saline, sterile dressing kit x 1, clean gauze, cotton tipped applicators, scissors, betadine, etc). What works best for you/your facility? The wounds we deal with most are: pressure ulcers, venous/arterial ulcers, and skin tears.
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  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    I'm not sure what you mean by a wound care kit? We do not use these. As far as what supplies to order, would depend on where you order supplies. Does your facility have a wound care policy in place or contract with a certain supplier?

    We use Medline, so all of our supplies will come from them.

    What do you use betadine for now days?
  4. by   notanumber
    I mean a carry-kit or tray that has basic wound care supplies ready to go, to be brought to the resident room for treatment. It's help to have certain things ready due to time constraints, but all sorts of things are thrown in (including sterile dressings opened at bedside, cut to size and the excess "saved for later") - not terribly aseptic. Ideally I'd like a balance between having the basics pre-prepared and not carrying around a basket of this and that between residents ><.

    We do have policies in place that have gone a bit by the wayside. Recent company handover means we will probably be re-evaluating what products we will use and negotiating a new contract (not sure who we use now, lots of Molnlycke products on hand).

    Betadine mostly for necrosis/eschar. Our community ET support also recommends it for stage 1/X PS on bony prominences (e.g. heels), but I've not found literature supporting that.
  5. by   cyc0sys
    I use a plastic cleaning caddy with compartments and a handle on top. I filled it with wound cleaner, 4*4s, curlex, abds, alcohol and skin preps, saline flushes, betadine qtips, tape and large bandaids. I drilled holes to hold scissors, hemostats, and a flashlight. I prefill medicine cups with bacitracin, 3 abt, and hydroguard stacked on top of each other. I'll post a picture if I get around to it. You can pick them up at the dollar store for a few bucks.