Bless you, I hope there is someone like you around when I draw my last breath. Many, many people have said to me when I was at my most vunerable, "how can you do this all the time," or "I could... Read More

  1. by   donmurray
    Death and Taxes, the two certainties in life. Taxes, I can't help with, but, when quality of life is going, or gone, then a quality death is the best I can do for anyone. I'm not suggesting euthanasia, but a warm, caring, compassionate, pain free exit. Many previous posters have put it so eloquently, I am renewed in my pride that I chose Nursing.
    I often feel priveledged to have known my patients, not least because of discovering that even the most "ordinary" people have, at some point done extraordinary things. Death is seen by many as merely the end of one phase of our existence, and the start of another, better one. It can and should be a positive experience, for all concerned, including the nurse.