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My question....I practice in the state of Massachusetts in a SNF. I have always been under the impression that an RN "outranks" an LPN and therefore an LPN cannot supervise an RN. Does anyone know... Read More

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    Personal experience here. I'm an RN/BSN. I applied for an occupational health nurse job at a manufacturing plant. It is a well known company in my state and I love industrial nursing. I went through 4 interviews and was offered a job. At the time of offer I was introduced to the woman who would be my supervisor (we'd be a department of 2....her as the supervisor and me as her supervisee). She was an LPN. I inquired as to how this would work and I was told she'd be my boss, evaluate me, etc.

    I turned the job down because I didn't see how that arrangement could work legally. I went to my BON and they said I'd be accountable for oversight of the LPN's work whether or not it was part of my job. We'd be on different shifts so I couldn't see how this could ever work out. I was extremely uncomfortable with the liability issues. I think it is a very awkward situation.
    The BON said that you would be responsible? doesn't make sense. You are not responsible for the an LPN Supervisor. Think the BON wasn't clear on the facts.
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    In reply: I was told she (the LPN) would be my clinical supervisor. In fact, I was told she'd be my supervisor in all aspects of work. I'm not saying someone couldn't have worked under those circumstances but I felt it was enough of a liability issue as to make me turn the job down. And the response I got from my BON indicated I'd be very vulnerable to exposure.

    My experience, on the thread topic. That's all.
    I have to agree with you on this. She may be an excellent, knowledgable LPN and if the new hire were an LPN she would be a great supervisor. But like it or not (and I've ben in situations where the new grad RN was my supervisor and the employer asked me to "keep an eye on her" because she is the RN and the law.....) she can not be your clinical supervisor.
    The time I mentioned above, yep, I ended up leaving the position because this new grad RN just thought she couldn't learn a thing from me cause I was only an LPN. Oh well, she may have been my supervisor but nobody knows everything. And I won't keep on that topic because it is a rare occurance and I don't want to stir up that same old thing again about LPN VS RN and who knows what. LOL