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  1. by   healingtouchRN
    thanks alot Froggy!!
  2. by   FroggysMom
    Quote from cathwaves
    hi , where i work nurses work 2 twelve hour days and then 2 twelve hour nights. i think this shift is really hard on your health. Best to do days or nights but not both....any one else familiar with 2 days, 2 nights...doing a paper , let me know. northern nurse

    WOW! And I thought it was hard to work 12 hour days, switching to 12 hour nights every two weeks! I can't believe you do it all in one week. That CAN'T be healthy or safe!
  3. by   BadBird
    I have to disagree, I love night shift it seems so natural to me. I have trouble sleeping at night and feel physically ill when I have to work daylight so for some of us night shift is the norm.
  4. by   Hoosiernurse
    I started nights at a LTC facility about a month ago. Prior to that I was pretty unhappy on a critical care floor in a hospital, doing 3 days a week, driving an hour to get there. I wasn't sure how nights would work for me, plus I chose a weekend opt where I would lose my weekend time with the family. I discovered several things: the lowered stress from going from critical care in the hospital to LTC is fantastic! Also, nights are super because I don't have to deal with most doctors, most family, etc. We have our challenges, and busy nights, but it's still nothing at all like it was in the hospital. I am not a type A, so I am thankful I finally found a pace that works for me better. As for the weekend part, I work from 6:30p-7am, two days a week, 6 minutes from my home, and make as much as I did in three days at the hospital, and I don't have the two hour-round trip drive. Fantastic! I just make sure to make time with family during my FIVE days off! WHOO HOO!

    I come home after a work night, eat breakfast, spend a little time with the kids and hubby before they go to school and work, and then fall into bed when everyone is gone, about 8AM. I use a white noise maker, and block as much light as I can from the windows. I sleep, most days, pretty well. I get up about 3-4 pm, and have two hours before I have to leave for work, so I can get ready slowly. When my weekend shifts are over, I usually stay up at night until 3AM rather than 8AM so that I can have more time with my family during the days and see some daylight. It has been really great to me and this schedule is the best!

    I think stress in a day job can take just as much time, if not more, off your life as those who have problems with night shift. It just depends on the person. For me, I always enjoyed nighttime a lot and I get the best of both worlds with so much time off between work days. On Friday, I just make sure I stay up until 7AM so I can get back into the sleep schedule I'll need for the weekend. You have to see what works for you!
  5. by   Davey Do
    It's cool, HoosierNurse, how you retrieved this thread from 2003 to 2005 and chimed in with the last to post!

    Since we're talking about working the Night Shift, I'll put in My Story: I get to have the advantage of being able to turn the clock appproximately 12 hours the other way and keep My Life on a Midnight Schedule.

    Having no Children or other Family Members I affect no one else's schedule. My Significant Other, Belinda, is a Midnight Nurse. And a few of my Friends also work the midnight Shift, so I'm not at a loss for companionship.

    As far as my health goes, I feel better working Midnights at age 53 than I did working Straight Days at age 35. I sleep about 8 hours a day (12 noon to 8pm) and exercise at least five times a week. I eat right and get all my Basic Physiological Needs met on a regular basis.

    I think one of the most unhealthy things about working Midnights is trying to live in a Day World. That's hard on the Ol' Bod. Hopefully, I've found the key: Adjust One's Routine to fit One's Work. It works for me.