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  1. I will be interviewing for a Head Nurse position on a alzheimer unit next week. I am confident with what I know regarding patient care and dealing with staffing issues but not with rules and regulations regarding Medicare/Medicaid regulations and wanted to know what questions I may be asked about Medicaid/Medicare? What are FTags?, What are CMS guide lines? What else should I know about Medicare? or OSHA for that matter or anything not directly related to patient care or staffing issues.
    Any insight would be tons of help, I really need this postion.
    Thank you

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  3. by   Talino
    you're talking about volumes of references which i can guarantee not one in the facility you will be working for is an expert.

    tell them about your present skills and your preparedness to learn new ones. the regs can be learned as you go about your duties and responsibilities which will evolve along federal and state requirements.

    but if you must...

    medicare for skilled nursing facility -


    ftags -

    mds (the most vital tool in an snf's compliance)
    click on rai user's manual [zip 3.9 mb] for the entire reference manual.

    all the above can be learned as you go about your tasks. good luck!
  4. by   garciadiego
    Thanks for the reply-I'll check those references.
  5. by   Dixiecup
    Probably the only question they'll want an answer to is "Do you have a nursing license?" and if the answer is yes, you'll be hired on the spot!:chuckle