infection control

  1. A friend of mine is a DON in a long term care facility and is looking for a policy and procedure on cleaning razors. What do you do in other facilities?
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  3. by   suellen e.
    Use an inexpensive toothbrush - one per razor. They work well and keep the caregiver's fingers far away from the sharp razor's edge.
  4. by   Heather27
    We don't use razors in our facility. Each resident has his (or her) own electric shaver. Each HCA or whoever does the shaving is responsible for cleaning that shaver when finished. I notice you posted under "Infection control", so you may be wondering more about "sharing" razors. I would think that NOT doing that AT ALL is the best way to solve any problems. An ounce of prevention...
  5. by   Tara
    I agree don't share razors. Have the residents get there own.
  6. by   jkh
    Thanks to all for posting to my misleading question. I was wondering how to clean electric razors between uses for the same person. The toothbrush will work.
  7. by   shirley allison
    You can use alcohol to clean the blades. Just let them soak for while then if they are really dirty you may need the toothbrush. Remember to let them dry before putting back together. It works on the blade holders also.