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Hello, my fellow nurses. It's so good to be here. I need your opinions on this situation. Okay, I currently work in LTC on a rehabilitation unit/skilled nursing facility. Before I came on,... Read More

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    You would be surprised at what state does and does not do. Our LTC has had many complaints on staffing. Do you not know that the Admin staff also counts in the mix. When state investigated staffing complaints, we were not sited. Until there is a mandatory nurse patient ratio we will always face the same problems.
    yep - even the unit clerk , the administration and even at the last place i worked the damn hairdresser casue she was a CNA they counted her. anyone who doesnt even have idrect care to any resident is counted in stafing ratios and that is how they get away with staffing the way they do. matter fact the facility is now trying to hire a ADON ( then SHE can be counted too - ) so when state comes we look so over stafeed its pathetic.
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    The California Nurses Association has a plan to try to unionize the whole nation! Anybody who is truly interested in improving conditions in LTC really should go to thier website and take a look.
    heard this before- where is this website.
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    Yup, you got it completely right, I too am a nurse in Wisconsin and agree that the nursing homes Ive worked in always knew when state was coming.Also I know first hand the way in which a nurse who reports to "state" gets fired in retaliation, I am in the Wisconsin Court System now in an appeal of a lawsuit I brought forth against my former employer filed under the Wisconsin Health Care Worker Retaliation Protection Act. Also it is illegal for your employer to try to hide things from the "state" by forcing you to rewrite documents or use words that are not a "red flag"!!! So for all you Wisconsin nurses, you DO have some protection under the law. PM me if you want more details. Really what gives here in Wisconsin, or are all the states the same way?
    oh i did write a letter stating i felt they wrongfully fired me - told me id have to get a lawyer yada yad - cant afford that - ten they proceed to tell me likely cant prove it - though i proved in unemployment hearing they fired me and were wrong i still have no proof they fired me for calling state - they deny even knowing i did so though i know they are lying. as for the threats to falsify or more correctly NOT chart ( which to me is the same as falsifying) its my word against theirs so that would be hard to prove too cause its me against a lot of them. they dont tell you right out in front of everyone - to bad its illegal in Wisconsin to tape secretly conversation's ( i checked cause this was my other thought to "catch them" at their own game - cant do it) good luck in your case - pm me and let me know how it goes- hoe you get them but good. pm me where in Wisconsin you are - maybe we could meet and you could give me great advice once you been through it all so i could come up with a plan.
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    Oh my God.I was in a situation like this.I have the same mentality .the poor person in the bed could be your mother.If only every nurse and aid thought that way.Patients would be treated great.I remember staying after for 2 xtra hours to get that dressing done,I know wasnt done for a couple of days,while I was off.Or the trache ties that werent changed since the last time I changed them (at least 3 days before)I always signed my work.I personally almost threw in the towel.I found a new position which I feel am making a difference.Sometimes thats what you have to do.I started having panic attacks causeI thought i was suppossed to do all these tasks on a time limit and by myself,which looking back in retrospect was totally impossible from any nurse.also I hated hearing from family members what horrible care there family member was recieving,when I ran fron7a till7p without more than 15 minute break(breaksand lunch)without much help from the n/as or other nursesI had enough.my coworkers and supervisors kept calling me to come back,but i had enough of that environment.Remember theres a nursing shortage you could go anywhere for a job. shop aroundAs far as that treatment nurse,shame on her!!I used to be a tx nurse till they did away with the position.I loved that job.Id love to be a treatment nurse again!!!Look for another position. you sound invaluable!!!

    (Sitting here blushing) Did you say invaluable? Well thank you, I appreciate that. But, I'm just one. I'm not special or anything, I just really do care. It makes me mad to see management walking around all day doing nothing. They claim they have SO MUCH paperwork to do and they don't have time to stick around on the unit. I'm not saying that they don't have paperwork to do. But, they could at least stick around on the unit, and not in the smoke pit all day, so we can find them when we need them. There is no support. As long as they have someone taking those keys every shift, they have no problem. But lord forbid someone call in or not come in to get those keys, then they all panic. I guess they forget they are nurses and don't want to be bothered.

    Well, I am happy to tell you that I have taken another position. And as common courtesy and professionalism calls for, I put in my two-weeks' notice. Do you know what the DON and ADON did? They tried to lay a guilt trip as big as California on me. They also asked me did I MEAN to put in my notice? I'm like, lady, what more do I need to do to show you that I am leaving? I guess they think they have mind control over me or something. That they DO NOT have. What they need to be doing is taking me seriously and getting someone to take over that cart. I hate to leave my patients, but this is not the place for me.
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    The California Nurses Association has a plan to try to unionize the whole nation! Anybody who is truly interested in improving conditions in LTC really should go to thier website and take a look.
    Thanks. I will do that. I am very interested in a union. I hope enough nurses will be interested in it as well.