I Hate My Schedule!

  1. I am so frustrated right now! I usually work the day shift at a LTC, where until May, I had worked overnites. Well, I have requested verbally, and in writing that I stay on day shift, all the time, including weekends. Well, not so lucky! I'm just a LPN, and I was told that I "can't work as day charge on the weekend, because we have to have the RN coverage and the only shift the RN's will work is days. And we can't have 3 nurses on at one time!" So, since I'm not an RN, I get stuck with the SH** shifts... and seniority means absolutely nothing in this place! New hires are given my "good" hours and I get stuck with the crap.

    The last new lpn that was hired supposedly could only work the other weekend, because then she can work with her live-in, which btw, is the charge nurse on that weekend... and they both have jobs at other facilities! So, I get stuck with having to do the nite shift! That means that I don't get to see my husband who doesn't get home until late Friday afternoon, and works evenings at a local pizza place. He is a trucker and is not home during the week. So, I have NO time to see or even talk to him cause I have to sleep. And my kids get to spend most of their time alone or playing with friends..

    I am looking for a new job that will be day hours. Sure, I would have to drive a distance, but to not have to work weekends would be so awesome! The only bad part of leaving this place are most of the people I work with and the rezzies....

    Sorry that this got long, thanks for letting me vent.
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  3. by   texas_lvn
    You sound so frustrated. I can empathize. You are doing the right thing by finding other work. Although there is a drive, your kids will love it on the weekends. I promise. Also, try and stay on PRN. Work at least one day a quarter and you will always have an "in". I am sorry you are being treated this way. You know now, and apperently you have done all you can to change it. Take what you can and go. Good Luck.
  4. by   meownsmile
    I can also understand your frustration. I have had to start rotating back to nights myself after several years of working straight days. I hope you can find something that will allow you to work straight days, but unfortunately there just isnt much out there without taking quite a pay cut. good luck i hope you find what you need.