1. Hello all! I am a 26 y/o female, LPN x 5yrs. Hoping to learn some things from other nurses here. This site seems way cool. I've pretty much worked in long-term care for the most part with the exception of a short time period of going back to school and caring for ill family at home. If there is anyone out there with experience in long-term care and the massive med pass involved I would love some advice or tips on how to get it all done in a timely manner. I'm soooo OCD when it comes to passing meds which makes the med pass last forever!!!! How do you pass meds to 35 patients in less than 2 hours and still be able to provide good patient care, documentation, ect. I love nursing but have started to wonder if I am really cut out for it. Hope to hear from anyone with advice or experiences to share!
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    Start that med pass as soon as possible, don't let anyone or anything, short of an emergency, take you away from it. Interruptions are so time consuming during a med pass. Also, as you get used to the place, the residents & their meds, it truly does get easier. I'm not especially fast, but I could pass all the meds without looking at the mar (I don't, of course.) It helps if you can work the same wing consistently. Hope this helps a little.
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    :angel2: Hello and Welcome to Allnurses.com:angel2:

    Great to have you with us, blueroses. Enjoy the site.
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    Thank you for your reply! I appreciate your advice especially from a nurse with your experience. I really do get involved with distractions along the way. Any ideas on why my post was "moved"? Thanks again!
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    Quote from blueroses
    Thank you for your reply! I appreciate your advice especially from a nurse with your experience. I really do get involved with distractions along the way. Any ideas on why my post was "moved"? Thanks again!
    Not sure what you mean, bluerose????
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    Blueroses....I worked primarily LTC and subactue care for 10 years, with a couple of jobs in a hospital in between. Like it was stated before, start your med pass as soon as you are finished report. Have everything on your med cart that you may need.....juice, water, thickener, supplies to crush meds, applesauce/pudding, spoons, straws,cups....you get the idea. Make sure you bring your insulins and refrigerated eye drops before you start, so you won't be running back and forth to the med room. As for the residents, you will soon know everything about them, and be able to "shuffle" around a bit......ie: not having to go from room to room. You'll know that Mr. B likes his pills before eating, but Mrs.K does better after she's up in her wheelchair. Stuff like that.

    When you are on orientation, ask the nurses there what they do. I usually spend the first day just watching them, to get an idea of what their routine is. Make a cheat sheet and keep it with you of all the resident's quirks or who has GT's, crushed pills, etc. They are an excellent resource.

    I was able to give out morning meds to 49 residents in about 1 1/2 hours....this was including accu checks and am insulins. It wasn't because I was sloppy or unsafe. I was extremely organized and knew my residents well. Soon you will too.

    Good luck to you!
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    Hi, I forgot to tell you about the "cheat sheet" This should have all res. names on it with their little quirks, cold h20, room temp h20, crush, etc. Also make sure cart is stocked with everything you might need. I've wasted a lot of time running back & forth for supplies. Hang in there, things will fall into place & you will feel more comfortable & be able to do a good job.