Have I been doing this too long?

  1. Hi all,
    I was wondering if I could get some feedback from you. This is the first time I am posting a thread so bear with me. I have been in nursing in many divisions and posiions for many years. I consider myself a competent nurse who takes her job very seriously. I currently work in a SNF facility on the Baylor Program(12 hr. shift on Sat and Sunday every week). I find myself in a position that puzzles and annoys me. Approximately 3 months ago the facility made the announcement they were over stafffed and had to let some people go. In doing so they restructured the nursing staffing pattern. I am responsible for 25 patients with 3 CNA's The next shift has 2 nurses and two CNA's for both units, they are separate during the day. After the restructuring there remained 1 nurse and 3 CNA's first part of the shift and 2 CNA's for second part of the shift.The next shift has 1 nurse for both units and 2 CNA'S for 55 patients on both wings. Also as a result of the change my CNA's are required to do showers, which they never were before and to put 12 patients back to bed in the hour left before the shift ends at 7pm. I am also now responsible for giving half of the meds for the next shift scheduled while I am no longer on duty.
    During the last month I had a meeting with the administrator and DON that went something like this. I had a med error (wrong drug sent by pharmacy) dispensed for a week before being caught. This was glossed over lightly and I was given a warning for not getting out on time. The administration( I was told) is trying to hire another nurse and my extra hours was preventing that from happening. Less than two weeks later I had a note posted on the bulletin board and it was another warning, this time saying I did not take a lunch last Saturday or Sunday and I will sign in and out for lunch and leave on time. I was stunned. In all my years of nursing I have never left on time. I don't waste time and am totally focused on the tasks at hand. One nurse, 25 patients, meds and treatments,assessing sick residents, providing oversight to other staff, rounds with physicians, following up on patient issues doumentaion etc. But I am now forced to worry about what's for lunch and will I make to the punch clock on time.t. This goes against all guidelines and regulations which guide my scope of practice. Yes you guessed it I ill be in search of new employment...but is it me and I have just been doing this too long?
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  3. by   UKRNinUSA
    NO, it's not you. You are not the problem at all -can you guess who/what IS the problem? You know the answer already. RUN....as fast as you can! Get out before they can fire you so it doesn't mess up your resume. Good luck in your job search. Why not try registry work for a while?
  4. by   banditrn
    ebony - Unfortunately, I have to agree with UKRN. It sounds to me like this place is trying to get the most for the least, and is either trying to force you to quit - or work off the clock. I have only two more days left in a place like that - and I did find a better job to go to.

    I've seen a couple of the nurses at the old place clock out, then go back and finish their work, which is wrong. I won't do that. While I'm there, I'll give 100%, but I expect to be paid for it.
  5. by   Barb101
    Hi ebony2 when will hospital administors wake up. It does seem used abused chewed out & tossed out seems to be the current thinking. How the all mighty dollar rules. It seems the bottome line take preference to good nursing practice pitty about the patients who deserve better. But let the bean counter count thier incoming & outgoings perhaps one day they may see the value of a highly skilled nurse & treat them with respect. Oh well pigs can fly to sorry respect the people who do the work and organise the care. One day a reconing will come for these people but even then we shall be there for them sleaves rolled up ready to do what we are trained to do CARE & provide the required treatment so that those that cant help themselves do get well & intergrate back into society
  6. by   Simplepleasures
    Once again, corporate greed created this problem, lets get our dignity and empower ourselves, UNIONIZE, it not going to get any better until its FORCED to get better.
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  7. by   erichRN

    I used to (notice-- past tense) work for a place that forced their nurses to chart on their own time. This is illegal and you should have state labor laws that address the issue, if someone is willing to pick up the ball and report it. Which, unfortunately, is a big "if."