Fair LTC starting pay (esp. in Mass.)?

  1. I'm an RN with 5 yrs of experience, only in psych. I am interviewing for PD positions in LTC/rehab b/c I want to gain more "medical" nursing exp. in case I decide to branch into acute care (and no one will hire me PD in acute care).

    I had an interview today at a LTC facility that has both LTC and rehab floors; it went well, but when salary came up, I dodged the question about my current salary and asked what the facility was offering. The DON I was interviewing with quoted starting pay as $27/hr. I just said "ok" and the conversation moved on, but this is significantly less than I would like. I currently make a little over $34/hr in my full time position, and at my other PD position I make $40/hr.

    I really want to get rehab experience and they do wound vacs, IVs, vents, post0ops and I like the philosophy of the place (very patient centered), but I don't want to work for less than I am worth. The ratio Is 2 CNAs to every 10 pts and 1 nurse for every 20 pts, which I understand is good.

    The DON said she would call me back tomorrow (it sounds like they want to hire soon), and I think I am going to say that I thought more about the salary, let her know my current rates (as she did ask), and tell her I am looking for at least $31 or $32. What do you guys think about this?? The position doesn't require an RN (although neither does my current PD job), so I understand that the pay might be lower, but I made $28 something in the hospital per diem with only 2 years of experience..

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  3. by   MarggoRita
    Those who work in LTC are usually not in it for the money, and if you truly have two CNA's per 10 residents and would only be responsible for 20 yourself then that is a wonderful ratio compared to many places. Perhaps we are not paid what we are worth for how much we do in a day but LTC has its own rewards if you allow for it by being the good and comfort and change in the lives of the residents and seeing how well they progress over time, just one success story is a bulk of 'worth' enough
  4. by   CapeCodMermaid
    That seems like what most places are paying for your level of experience. You have to weigh the work load. I think I know the place you're referring to. IM me if you want...I could tell you lots about that place.