can't get ahold of family

  1. I work in a sub-acute unit as a supervisor. I just sent a woman to the ER with chest pain radiating to left shoulder, severe. Her son is the only contact listed, with only one number listed. I left 3 messages on his answering machine-telling him to call ASAP, but I didn't say what was going on-I thought that wasn't allowed with HIPPA. I remember one time a family member yelled at me and said I should have told them what was going on in the message. I should not leave a detailed message, correct? Anything else I need to do? (besides document that the son was called?)
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  3. by   caliotter3
    You did it correctly. Make certain you chart each attempt and I would continue to call once each hour and document it and tell the oncoming nurse to do the same. They can't accuse you of anything if you make this kind of attempt.
  4. by   Whispera
    You can't leave detailed information in case the wrong person listens to the message. Maybe Mrs. Jones doesn't want little Timmy to know she's sick! As for the angry family member in the past--that was probably just a reaction to being upset over the situation, not anger at were just handy to lash out at....
  5. by   catshowlady
    You did fine. The only other thing we have done at our facility is search the internet for additional phone numbers for family members, or other family members that we find out about but don't have numbers for.

    You did the best you could.
  6. by   mume2mykidz
    We do the same as you did just document thats all you can do