C-Dif and Pro-biotics

  1. Hey all- I am starting nursing school next week so please excuse my ignorance.

    Over Thanksgiving my grandmother, 90yrs, fell and broke her pelvis. While in the hospital she came down with a bladder infection and was given antibiotics while in LTC. Now she has Cdif and has had problems with this for three weeks now. It seems she keeps getting more anti-biotics to take care of it. Is there any way to have a pro-biotic treatment program to out compete the Cdif? Or use this in conjunction with anti-biotics?

    My grandmother is really awsome so its hard to see her uncomfortable.

    Thanks for the advice.

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  3. by   ginger58
    Craig, It's used in conjunction with abx. Yogurt is good too. I have seen some FTT, dehydrated elderly that have a very hard time getting rid of the C. diff no matter what they do. When she gets off the abx I would have her keep taking the probiotics or yogurt for a week or so

    That's great that you're looking after your grandmother. Best wishes for your nursing school adventure. Where are you going to school?
  4. by   leslie :-D
    we used to use acidophilis 2 caps tid x the duration of the abx tx plus an add'l 30 days. so if someone was on abx x 7 days, the total acidophilis regimen would be 37 days.
    it was an effective treatment plan.

  5. by   66busdriver
    I cant help it, my grandparents are super cool. Grandad is 93 and still drives. They live in North platte NE.

    I will be attending Denver School of Nursing starting Jan 8th. Super excited. I have been shooting at this goal for 3 years and hopefully have saved enough money.

    Thanks for the luck and answers.