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  1. I have nearly finished working at a Health Care Facility that is owned and operated by a religious organization. The management is largely church members. Some or whom should not be working in human resources as they are weak leaders.

    When I started working at this facility the staff were neglectful of the residents, shunned people, sat behind the nurses desk at length, made many personal phone calls and took extended breaks and had approx. 6 cig. breaks an evening. I was going to quit earlier as the lack of respect was demoralizing but was encouraged by management to hang in there. They sent out a memo reprimanding staff, and tried to deal with a few things that they had allowed to happen for many years. When the memo came out the Health Care worker tore it out of the RN's hand and said I'll read that, this same worker's mother worked within the facility on the same shift, they would position themselves in the easiest work while putting casual girls on the hardest ward.

    After the memo we had limited success, however the die hards have ways of manipulating things. Some days people could hardly stand looking at me, I felt allot of fear some days, but I pushed ahead. We followed up with more memos, nursing meetings, memos, but never any discipline. They will soon to swithching floors, managements hopes are that this will help the territorial behaviour.

    I was told today that three girls were openly critizing me to others saying that I was to bossie, I had never worked with two of the girls. The 3rd girl complained that I made her work to much. When I was on duty the girls were always done their work by 9 pm, I finished much later. I was not insulted by those comments.

    I was also told by one of the health workers that we stop feeding at 5:30 and put people to bed. What???????? I stated, the residents get to eat, there is no hurry to put people to bed. I understood the floor work, and worked on the floor with them, I was on my feet all shift except for my breaktime. But for some reason if they did not have everyone in bed by 8:30 there always seemed to be allot of frustration.

    When the residents skin turgor was poor I would assist them with extra beverages, and or ask the girls to do the same, I would be criticized for that. I would be on the floor until 6:30 pm have my break and give meds, do treatments, chart etc.but for some reason, these adults had no feeling for the needs of the elderly. It just went on and on.

    The charge of the ward on days stated that once S retires I will favour you for her position, he would have been overlooking another girl with 9 more years of seniority, He told me,"this is confidential". Well this other girl is a great worker and a wonderful person. It was then that I knew that I had to leave.

    I helped initiate allot of change and am happy for the 9 months I spent at this facility. (shortest job previous to this, 6 years) There are some staff that are sorry to see me go and allot more that are not. But I do know one thing, I was a great advocate for the residents, and I will miss them!

    I have a new job at a government run facility, I've orientated to the facility and it seems good. I know that every place has it's problems, but hopefully I'll be accepted at this facility. God Bless.....
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    I meant to post a sad.
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    Im wondering , what is the answer if it is not unionizing to empower ourselves and enact change, then what is the answer? Is the whole concept of wharehousing our elderly "throways" in nursing homes really what is wrong to begin with? I read that there is a strong movement in the government to give more medicaid /medicare money to keep the old folks at home. What would the big nursing home owners do if they couldn't get rich on their LTC facilities anymore, hmmm...something to ponder.