Behind on Meds

  1. I've been working at a long term care facility for 8 months now and find myself being late for meds sometimes in the evening and have always been late in the morning. I work about 10 shifts a month because I am only on call. This is my first nursing job. For the experienced nurses working in long term care, when you start working at another facility for the first time, do you find yourself to be late when passing meds or because of your experience, do your meds get passed on time? Just curious!
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  3. by   vintagemother
    Over time, in my experience, one gets better at passing meds on time. This may be difficult though, when you work only 10 days/mo.
  4. by   BBP42
    Agreed, when you are working full time, you start to remember things like who has meds due at off times, who likes their meds with applesauce, or ice cold water, or room-temp water, who you have to catch with bedtime meds at the "hour before due" mark or they will be half asleep and take forever, etc. When you have a stretch of time off in between and there are new people and med changes every time you come back, it is harder to run at maximum efficiency. That being said, there are some places where the med pass is so unrealistic that no one finishes on time. And working somewhere new I think you would always be slow due to not knowing where certain things are kept, etc. Don't be discouraged. If a position with more consistent hours becomes available to you I think you will see a big improvement.