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could anyone tell me if you have been involved with any aspect of bed alarm usage...from their use to researchon their use. Thank you... Read More

  1. by   aprilleverett
    We mostly have tabs alarms and sensor alarms for our res. i love the sensor alarms.. they are great for the res who is slick enuff to unpin the tabs alarm.. they have prevented MANY falls.. just remember to check the batteries.. lol i got a big surprise when i found a res standing over the bathroom sink eating efferdent tablets and her sensor alarm not going off cuz of a dead battery.. i wish they had some kind of beep to warn u the battery is low.. kinda like a smoke detector
  2. by   pebbles
    Quote from Cindy Johnston
    Our facilty uses the Tab alarms, exclusively. They clip onto the resident's clothing and with the string attached to the clip a small piece of metal is magnetically in place in the Tab monitor, if the patient gets up or moves further than the string length , the metal/magnet connection is broken and the alarm sounds...seems to be quite effective, easy to use as well.
    I remember a nursing home that used that system - one resident simply took off her shirt and left the building!
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  3. by   pebbles
    I work in a hospital, and we use bed alarms. For SOME pts, they reduce falls drastically. For the pt's that move fast, the alarm simply lets you know when the pt is on the floor, even on the 1 second setting, because it's hard for staff to get there that fast.
  4. by   Keely-FutureRN
    We have bed rail alarms for our confused patients. There are three levels, movement in the bed, getting out of bed, and leaning on the rail...They're very effective in calling us and have prevented many falls. The rails have to be up though (all 4) so you have to have an order for the alarm.

  5. by   night owl
    While making my rounds the other night, I found our only bed alarm resident sitting at the foot of his low-bed ready to stand up and no alarm going off. Come to find out it wasn't plugged in. wugh :stone Do you believe that?
  6. by   laurakoko
    Our bed alarms work great when there are staff to answer them!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Isn't that the ENTIRE nursing problem?!!!!?!?!?!? NOT ENOUGH STAFF?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    Wouldn't it just be awesome, if we had like 3 patients to 1 nurse and an assistant????
    The patients wouldn't complain anymore about not getting care, they would prob complain we were at the bedside too much!
    Wondering what world I am thinking in.........