Bathing without a battle

  1. I'd like to recommend a new text devoted to the issue of bathing people with dementia. A rather thin paperback, that is written in very simple language taught me a fantastic amount of stuff. We're trying to adopt some of its suggestions into our policies and careplans. Getting put into the bathtub can be a very frightening thing for those with dementia. Often react with fear and combattivness. Very good tips on how to minimize the fear.

    Barrick, A. J., Rader, J., Hoeffer, B. & Sloan, P. D. (2002) BATHING WITHOUT A BATTLE: Personal careof individuals with dementia. Springer Series on Geriatric Nursing.

    Other books in the series are also very good.
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  3. by   shygirl
    I have recommended this book to my LTC facility.