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  1. Is anyone here an ALF nurse? I just started a new very parttime job, being the supervising RN for an ALF. They use med aides for all shifts. I'm given up to 10 hours per week. Some of my duties are training and monitoring the med aides, weekly assesments on all residents, disposition of unused meds, all doctors orders ( although staff will fax orders to pharmacy in my absence to ensure residents get their meds timely). I also do a nailcare day once a month.

    Anyone else do this? What kind of other things are you in charge of? How do you like it? I've been called at home quite a bit, but only questions, nothing I've had to go in for. I have a full time job besides this, so still wondering if its something I can keep up with or not. Any advice is appreciated!
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  3. by   caffeinatednurse
    I occasionally float to the AL side of our LTC community, depending on staffing needs. We can have up to 30 residents in AL at any time, and while it's usually me giving the medications, occasionally there's a med tech and I am the charge nurse responsible for them. Most of our med techs have been doing it longer than I have been a nurse, so they know the rules and regulations. I do have to do any CBG & insulin administration because they are not allowed to do so at my facility. I also have to "approve" any PRN medication requested but they can then administer it. I do any assessments, take care of acute situations (which are rare, but do happen), do follow-ups for PRN medications given, and do treatments. Check your facility policy regarding what med techs can and can't do, and what you are ultimately responsible for. When in doubt, has your DON.