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  1. Can someone help me
    I am one month into a return to practice nursing course as i have been out for several years
    I have been allocated to a medical / elderly ward and have to produce ( mongst lots of other things ) two assignments 1 of 2500 words and another of 5000 words
    I can't seem to find a suitable subject
    If anyone has done any recently what are good topics for this type of area - i will be very grateful for any replies:kiss
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  3. by   cargal
    I have always been really interested in incontinence issues. It is a major reason why placement in long term care happens, and I feel it happens more often in the facility than it should- I call it forced incontinence. Another topic is fall prevention. Statistically, life expectancy drops dramatically after a fall.
    Good luck and let us know what you are thinking!

  4. by   kids
    I once managed to turn "Manifestations of The Diabetic Foot" into a 5000 word term paper. (Got my ONLY "A" in nursing school on it too!)

    Other cool topics that I would pick if I ever had to write papers again:

    A comparison of traditional -vs- nontraditional methods of wound management.


    The de-evolution (is that a word?) of wound management (maggots & leeches), sort of a history of the return to such archaic treatments.


    the modernization of old world remedies (foxglove, bascillum powder, that tree bark that has ASA in it).
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  6. by   sooty40

    Thank you for the replies - this is only the second time i have visited the site.... it is very helpful
    Continence was always my sort of topic when i practiced before i suppose it will always be one of the main considerations and one of the most difficult to manage - if anyone has met up with new methodology then i would be very interested to know a bit about it
    What is the current nursing model in use in the USA for nursing of the elderly ? ( in a hospital setting)

    Thanks again all !:kiss