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just a vent... Has this happened to you. When you tell people you are a nurse, They ask "Which hospital?" when I tell them I work in a nursing home.. they elude to the fact that I'm not really a... Read More

  1. by   sassynurse78
    Originally posted by Duckie
    I am so glad there are so many fields of nursing to choose from and we can each seek and find the one that it best for us. I believe to work in any area of nursing is a calling. You have to feel a passion for it, not just be there for a paycheck. In the past year, I have encountered many areas of nursing due to recent multiple trips to the ER and due to my husbands surgery. I could never be an ER nurse and I could never be an OR nurse and I hated hospital work, but place me in a room filled with elderly people needing TLC and love and I feel blessed to be their nurse. We are all important, we all matter, we all make a difference and the people we care for need us. This is not a competition, this is a profession.
    Well said!:kiss
  2. by   healingtouchRN
    way to go LTC nurses & CNA's. What a job, these residents need compassion, a gentle heart, an ear for a story or two, & a good back with a good pair of sneakers! What a job! My (baseball) cap is off to you!
  3. by   nightnurse49
    I work in a LTC facility that is part of a small community hospital.
    We are next door to each other and physically connected. One of the best things that ever happened was when the nurses in the hospital had to float over to our unit when their census was down. They (the good ones, anyway) now admit we at the nursing home are the hardest working people in the facility and many of them say they do not have the patience, or stamina to work with that population. Some of them are even afraid of the "responsibility" for so many people, many of whom are demented and cannot tell you what their symptoms are.

    I used to do perdiem and floated to the hospital. and they learned through that that the nursing home nurses are "real" nurses. I'm a good nurse. I have developed excellent assessment skills from working LTC, unbelievable patience and I am resourceful.

    LTC nursing is not always high tech--but it is nursing at it's most basic. Be proud of what you do.
  4. by   suehp
    I get this all the time too here in the UK. Nurses from the Hospital talking to us like we know nothing.(though I do point out it is not all nurses)

    I have been in my Nursing Home for 10 yrs and love the relationship I have with my residents and staff. It is not every one's field of nursing - but it is mine!

    Keep up the good work everyone (Nursing Homes & Hospitals!)

  5. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    I am an ER nurse and I just want to say "hats off to the LTC nurses". You are truly a special kind.

    I was sad to hear that nurses regardless or where you work would treat other nurses with such disrespect. That is awful. Remember your own professionalism...never stoop to the other persons level and it never hurts to throw at a arrogant soul "What is your full name please, I will be speaking to your supervisor about your unprofessionalism?" Shuts or stammers them pretty quick and they become quite attentive for you to give a great report.
  6. by   Tookie
    Sorry Long reply

    I have just read this thread through - and at various stages wanted to make comments - however l am pleased l have read it al the way through - the development of the thread itself has been a constructive and informative sharing of our roles -

    I do believe that in the last few years that there has been a better understanding of our individual roles and how we interlock as a complete unit working together- what is coming out in this thread is - yes we in LTC/ nursing homes do work very hard, in trying conditions and are comparatively less paid than our counterparts in the acute and other sectors. Yes we are very Multi skilled and have poor ratios. Over regulated and over burdened with documentation and other areas we grouch about because it takes away the hours we should be giving to our residents

    In the past this has been discussed in this forum in other threads - and l find it fantastic that this thread has developed as it is an examination of where we fit into the bigger picture

    Some thoughts l have had why these changes may have occurred. -

    Is this because we are getting a better profile - i.e. are the baby boomers making a difference because they are going to want better care - They have money - they want the best initially for their parents and then for themselves - therefore a better awareness of the people who work in LTC/ Nursing homes (I refrained from using the word industry)

    Is it because of Globalization that we nurses realize that it is a world wide problem - (and bulletin boards discussing this - in a thread like this opens our eyes- I have learnt so much about other areas of nursing because of this BB) -

    Is it because there is a trend in our teaching areas (at least where we live) that all first placements are in aged care - When they come to us - in their orientation l always say if they can care for the aged person in this environment and be good at it they will make good nurses because l believe that care of the aged person in our setting is the basis of good care

    Is it because now there is so much research and improved understanding of the number of diseases that affect the ageing people - In particular Dementia - it is now an acceptable disease - people acknowledge that they have it - people are now seeing that ageing in fact is part of life - and many more people are living longer

    Or is it because there are the entrepreneurs beginning to move into the area - and they have to be accountable - and sell themselves as a consumer product - therefore the people they are selling as the care givers have to be seen as equals.

    OK long post - thank you for reading this to the end - l have just let those thoughts tumble out -

    Thank you for staring the thread and to all those who have contributed Thank you - very interesting - Please add some thoughts as to why you think we are becoming accepted - because l do believe that the trend is there

    BTW - it better be there and the money and conditions will have to change soon because unfortunately many good nurses in this areas are becoming burnt out and looking to jump ship - we have had a number resign - to not work at all or to move into the acute sector.