Are we here to take care of patients or do paperwork?

  1. I am going for my BSN and just did a rotation to learn the "adminstrative,DON, and office life" of long term care. We went through a grueiling survey, they picked apart silly minute details of our careplans! Who cares? Do we get get credit if we give a hug? No they would probably somehow say this is abuse.
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  3. by   iamme457
    I understand your frustration. This is a tough job, you cannot please everyone nor can you save everyone but if you dont meet everyones needs at exactly the time it is requested you are at fault.
    Go with what feels right for you, make your own priorities and if needed..justify them in your notes. Please do the hugs first if that is what your patient needs, do the overtime stuff charting that you did it.
    You are and always will be the most important advocate your patient has. You can challenge and refuse to carry out orders, you can request different orders for such things as advance diet....clear liquids for 4 days isnt really exciting LOL.
    Assess your patient and ask for what is realisitic and what "YOUR PATIENT REALLY WANTS"
  4. by   Nancy1
    Hi Acoder,
    I am an ADON in LTC. I have been through a total of 7 survey prcesses in management.
    It is difficult for all of us when the state or the feds come in for a survey. The main point I made to my staff in my current position is that the state is here to make sure that the Minimum standards are met. It is our job to work everyday as if the survey team was in the building. Hugs are so important for the everyone, but especially for the elderly who are so vulnerable. I have finally learned that when the survey team walks through the door, it is their job to look in every nook and cranny. If a member of the team mentions something that isn't quite right, I pull out the charting that shows this is part of the POC for this resident. Somewhere we all need to find a happy medium.
    I am president of a LTC group and we meet monthly to review what the survey teams are looking for. This has helped many of us in our survey process.
    As a student I hope that this experience will not shade your thought on a career in LTC. Remember hospitals have to go through surveys too.
    Good Luck in Nursing, we are glad to have you, NA