any advice for a student

  1. Hi, I am an LPN student. Just finished clinical rotation for Geriactric nursing in a wonderful retirement community and I loved every second of it. I do plan on going back to school later on and getting my RN. I was wondering how everyone chose LTC and how I should go about finding a good facility to work at? I've taken jobs before that sounded great only to realize I didn't ask the right questions during interview.
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  3. by   cant_not
    I’ve been a nurse for two years, always wanted to work in a hospital but in the area I live in no hospitals use LPN’s anymore. So I was basically stuck with choosing between a clinic or a long-term care facility. I chose to work LTC because the pay tends to be a bit better. I’ve worked in 4 different nursing homes, and all were horrible. There’s entirely too much paper work, and here in KY–they consider an LPN to be a ‘charge nurse’ when there’s no RN in the building, and I just don’t feel that we’re equipped to run the whole facility, ya know ?

    I hate nursing homes. Dodge ones that reek of urine when you walk through the doors. Check and see what they evaluation from state was. Umm, I can’t think of much else right now. But I wouldn’t advise anyone into going into LTC.

    I’ve actually heard some nurses that I’ve worked with in LTC say the only reason they work there is because some hospitals don’t have aides, and they’re not gonna clean up BM. I hate those kinds of attitudes. I would just totally suggest dodging LTC period.
  4. by   SuesquatchRN
    As an LPN your choices are, basically, LTC or an office, as has been said.
  5. by   hopebewild
    why dont u try to get a job in that retirement community that u liked?
  6. by   miracle1986
    Hey all !!!!! Try home visting nursing and give the agency the area you will work in and pick one or two patients only. The money is great. LTC is what I have always done and it is a killer. Progressive care units in hospitals are good, as is physical therapy departments. Good Luck.