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  1. Hi nurse family,
    I'm a recent RN grad (nursing is a second career for me) and I've been offered a position in a LTC facility part-time while I complete my online master's. 76 beds and three nurses at a time (with 7 CNAs). I'm afraid to take my first nursing job and was wondering if anyone could offer words of wisdom/guidance for a new nurse in LTC.
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  3. by   TwoLayi
    Working in a LTC as a new grad is better than not working. It will help you with basic skills, learning meds and time management. But it can be a little brutal and alot different than what you experienced in school if you had all your clinicals at hospitals, like I did. You probably won't get much of an orientation and feel incredibly overworked/stressed for the first 3-6 months, maybe even longer until you get a hang of it. What do you eventually want to do with your degree? Have you looked into acute care positions?