"must Be Familiar With Medicare Guidelines" ???

  1. what does this mean when you see it in an ad for an rn supervisor position in an ltc? does anyone know what these guidelines are or have a resource on where to study up?

    also what do they mean when they say must be familiar with mds? is that making reference to the same guidelines or is that something related to case management and if so .... how do you learn more about case managing in ltc's?

    last question is case management in ltcs the same concept as case management in home care? if not, how do they differ?

    thanks in advance....
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  3. by   firstaiddave907
    I am not a nurse but i would maby suggest going on line and go to the medicare website and do some reasearch i hope everything works out.
  4. by   CapeCodMermaid
    If you want to be a supervisor in a SNF, it seems you should at least have a basic knowledge of the regs. MDS=minimum data set....questions which need to be answered according to the rules and the set schedule and submitted to medicare for payment. Medicare rules are cumbersome but certainly a supervisor needs to have more than a nodding acquaintance with them. Medicare pays for certain things not for others...pays the entire bill for the first 20 days, then there is a copay. Working in a SNF is not just about nursing skills these days. You have to be an accountant as well.
    Case managers in LTC deal more with insurance companies...you follow the pt from the day she is admitted to maximize the amount of money you get paid and maximize the benefit to the patient.