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I am looking for a book to assist with doing Geriatric Care Plans and would appreciate any information you can share!!


A good book is Geriatric Nursing Care Plans.

by Marie Jaffee, RN, MS. New Edition. I have another one at work I can get the name and author for you. Do you have computerized care plans? When I was doing them, I used those and a care plan book for back-up when I had to get more specific and personalized than the computer ones. Hope this will help you.

There is a freat web site that has a lot of good CP's. It is for a fee $10/month, but if you have a coworker that will share the cost or your employer will pay for it, it is a good resource. You should try it out.

I am the Geriatric Careplan Queen!!!! [bwah hahhaa!]

I prefer to do it freehand based on the symptomology and issues of concern. Work on expanding your knowledge base and the rest is easy. These things need to be individualized in order to work.

Polaris Group publishes a book that I find useful. Two books, actually, one for care plans based on the MDS and one for RAPs which, of course is based on MDS too. The two books are great. The care plan book is set up according to the domains triggered by the MDS. The table of contents has all the listed domains (under the RAP # 1,2,3, etc.). Makes it easy to find your problem. The RAP book is set up the same way. The RAP book is cool because it takes you through the thinking process in a more thorough way than the 2.0. The RAP book has all the possible triggers at the beginning of each RAP chapter. EASY, EASY to use. They may have a website. Several years ago I paid about $22.00 for each book. It's been well worth. Will need new ones again when the 3.0 comes out.

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