Who got into NGCSU for Fall 2007?

  1. I received my acceptance letter to the NGCSU nursing program for Fall 2007 on March the 13th. I was surprised to get it so early considering that NGCSU said that they would not be mailing out our letters until the first week of April.

    Did anyone else get their acceptance letter yet? I am curious to see who I will be spending the next two years with.
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  3. by   Eagle Girl 06
    Congrats on your acceptance !! I'm very sorry I didn't respond to your private message back in November. After graduation, I took a VERY long break from the computer and then over the holidays, my computer crashed and I just got around to getting a new one! I think you will really enjoy nursing school at NGCSU. Please let me know if I can answer any more questions for you about the program and again - I am sorry I didn't get back to you sooner!!
  4. by   Ethernaut
    Thanks! I got into GPC as well, but I turned it down. Everyone I talk to says to avoid GPC like the bubonic plague. Even my friend who is about to graduate (and has all B's so far in his classes with no previous fails) told me not to go. I had another friend who entered GPC, and in the first semester she failed out of the program. She had a 74.7 and you need a 75 to pass. That's harsh!
  5. by   Aimfred
    I have also been accepted to NGCSU on the Gainesville Campus. I am not sure I am going to accept the spot. I am waiting to see if I am accepted at Athens Tech. They will make their decision this week. I live in Loganville and am worried about the long drive to the Gainesville campus and to the clinical sites if I go to NGCSU. Athens is a bit closer to me, with less traffic.
  6. by   Ethernaut
    Considering NGCSU's great reputation and the fact that it has been ranked one of the top colleges in U.S. News several times, you may want to consider sticking with NGCSU.
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  7. by   livextoxlove77
    I also got accepted for FALL 07!!!!!!!!!!! I got my letter the other day in the mail
  8. by   Ethernaut
    Quote from livextoxlove77
    I also got accepted for FALL 07!!!!!!!!!!! I got my letter the other day in the mail

    Congrats!! You got your letter within the time that they said they would mail them out. I wonder why I got my letter on March 13th???
  9. by   livextoxlove77
    yea!! that is really early!! maybe you got excellent scores or something. or maybe your name was at the beginning lol.

    WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

  10. by   Ethernaut
    Ha ha, good point. Are you going to the Gainesville location?
  11. by   livextoxlove77
    nope! Dahlonega, you?
  12. by   GAbuzzfan

    When did you get your GPC acceptance? Was that for the fall, and which campus?

  13. by   Ethernaut
    I got into GPC two times, one time for Fall 2006, which I had to ask for deferment, and the other for January, which I turned down. GPC has not sent out their acceptance letters for Fall 2007 yet. It was for the Clarkston campus. That is the only campus they have for their nursing program at this time. From what I understand GPC will eventually go away because of the new Gwinnett College, but I may be wrong.

    I am going to the Gainesville campus at NGCSU.
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  14. by   Ethernaut

    Any ideas when we are supposed to receive our nursing packets?