West Georgia Technical College/West Central Tech Interview?

  1. Hello all!

    I am brand new to the site. A little background on myself: I'm one of those people whose occupation was hit particularly hard by the economic downturn, and I have decided to make a career change to registered nursing. I am 39 y/o, male, and am currently enrolled at West Georgia Technical College. I have applied for Spring Quarter admission to the program. Today, I received my Competitive Selection Score Evaluation in the mail, and feel confident that I will receive an interview based on an overall score of 74.5 out of a possible 75. The interview is what I am most curious about. I was hoping to get some information from those of you that have gone through the process at West Georgia Tech/West Central Tech. What was the interview like? Who was in the room with you? What questions were you asked? I want to be as prepared as possible for the upcoming interview, and any intel would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   lovinglife1
    Wow! You done really well. I got my letter and my points were nothing compared to yours. I got 70.7. Hopefully your just really above average. LOL I was also looking for interview questions. If I find them I will let you know. Goodluck. With that score the interview is probably not much for you to worry about.
  4. by   jbwood
    Thanks for the reply! With the way the college has the competitive selection guidelines set up (25% grades, 50% NLN, and 25% interview) I feel that the interview could be highly subjective. Suppose that the interviewers just don't like a candidate and decide that they don't want them in - all they have to do is mark the interview score low enough so that the grades/NLN portion of it doesn't matter. I would like to get an idea of what type of questions they ask, and who is typically in the room asking those questions. I want to be as prepared as humanly possible.
  5. by   lovinglife1
    I do know they usually have a mock interview or they did last quarter because I heard people talking about it in my class, so hopefully they will this time to. I just hope to get an interview to know what it is like and I can always retake the NLN if I do not get in this time.
  6. by   HopefulRN2010
    Congrats on your score! You should feel really confident going into the interview!

    I graduated from WGTC RN program last June, and it was the first year they did the interview. But the interview was a "panel" interview. The dean of nursing was in there, as well as, two instructors. And they basically went around asking "interview" questions. "Tell us about yourself", "Why do you want to be a nurse?, "What made you choose WGTC?", etc...

    Since the year I interviewed was the first year they used the interview in the process, yours might be a little different. But just go in confident, and my biggest word of advice is to dress nice! I wore a suit, but something dressy, would be suitable. I couldn't believe when I walked in and saw people wearing work out clothes!

    Let me know if you have anymore questions. And good luck to both of you!
  7. by   lovinglife1
    Thank you so much! I am just so nervous thinking about the interview. I just hope I get one and that I don't blow it. I will buy me a new outfit if I just get an interview. Is the program really hard and do they prepare you to take the RN licensure exam? How long are the clinicals? I have heard some people say 2 years and others say a 1 1/2 year. Congrads on finishing, it has to be a great feeling.
  8. by   astarr33
    I'm currently enrolled in the WGTC RN program. The program is 6 qtrs, with clinicals beginning the first qtr. Clinicals are typically 8 hr shifts, two days a week. However, beginning Fall 2011, the college switches over to semesters. Not sure how that will equate. As to the interview, dress as if going to a job interview. When asked a question, take a moment to take a breath and collect your thoughts, then answer honestly and respectfully. And don't forget to smile and shake hands with each of them when you enter. Best of luck!!
  9. by   lovinglife1
    Thanks for the advice!
  10. by   lorraineatl
    Congrats on to both of you on those great scores!

    I just finished Micro yesterday and I am taking my NLN on March 24th. I am a little nervous but thats because I don't like test. lol (who does) I was wondering if someone can give me some insite as to what to expect. Can anyone recall how many questions were on each section?
  11. by   Dextersmom
    Wow, this is great information. I am taking classes over (because the Sciences are only good for 5 years) and I have many questions about the nursing program. I am contemplating waiting for the new program at the new campus in Coweta (2012) because I live here and I like the idea of the classroom being brand new. Has anyone heard if they've gotten in to clinicals?