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Hello, I am currently licensed in NC, and trying to get licensed by endorsement in GA. In the application, they require information of school's accreditation status, which I have no clue where to... Read More

  1. by   zarali
    Hi Keish,
    I did call and the bon member the same lady that initially told me that I cant get my license as my school is not regionally accredited told me to send them the schools credentials and the details of my hours and clinicals and upon receipt of the information my license will be issued within 7 business days. I called my school and the director of nursing herself is writing me a letter and the transcript will be mailed and I hope my license will be issued. With passage of HB675 the regional accreditation issue is no longer a barrier. Hopefully you too will be awarded your license. It has been a very tough time and hopefully its comming to an end.
    Wish you all the best and keep me updated on your application progress, I will do the same.
  2. by   kids
    Quote from KAMARAkamara
    I think we need to figure out away to bring some media attention to this issue. Maybe it will shame the state of Georgia into changing this unjust law ASAP! I can't imagine being a nurse that graduated from a top notch school like Duke, Harvard, or Yale, moving to Georgia only to be told you can't work here because Duke is not regionally accredited. That's such a tragedy!! I understand the need to discourage fly by night schools from popping up everywhere, put excluding qualified applicants from highly credible colleges is ludicrous.
    Duke, Harvard and Yale are all regionally accredited.
  3. by   KeishLPN
    Hello zarali, I did receive another email of same situation on Fri 3/9 that I need to have my school send over the theory and clinical hours information. It had only been 1wk since I had gotten the response of it being reviewed, so I would have been receiving my license as we speak OMG! So nursing office is completing the information and emailing it to the license analyst that is handling my application. In the email she did put a certain fax on it 877 371 5712 and that it needs to say healthcare 3 if they are able to fax instead of mailing. So, thanks for the information, and glad to know will only take 7 business days upon receipt. Good luck everyone! and I will keep you informed.
  4. by   KeishLPN
    Zarali, please check with BON regarding what your DON is sending over because I was emailed a certain FORM to send that is actually posted on the website that is very detailed on what is needed in which I have to fill out section 1 and school fills out section 2. Don't want you to keep getting the run around when it can be done correctly the first time. Who wants to keep waiting...
  5. by   KeishLPN
    Hello all, Just want to let ya know that my school completed the clock hour form for my LPN endorsement and emailed me a copy last friday. I emailed it to GAbon last night(Sunday) to my license analyst, and she emailed me back today(mon 3/26) with my license # at 11am yay. I have a meeting tomorrow with an agency that hires LPN's in office setting with GOOD starting pay and should be able to start next week.