Valdosta State University..what's the deal - page 2

:confused: Does anyone have any info on VSU? Is it a good nursing program?... Read More

  1. by   sharzaejones
    @Tamara152- I noticed you said you are almost 30. I was advised by Ms. Gilbert at VSU and if it has been over 10 years since you took the class, you may be able to take the CLEP test and get rid of that grade. This isn't an option for all the classes. I know you can CLEP Psychology, Political Science, etc. She gave me a list.
  2. by   newRNstudent02
    Have any of you heard any information regarding the school's reputation and pass rate?
  3. by   ccoombs
    I'm not sure what the pass rates are for the NCLEX but I graduate from the accelerated program in 11 days so if you need any advice I will gladly oblige.