UNG BSN Nursing Fall 2018

  1. Hi everyone!

    My name is Megan and I applied to the BSN program at UNG for Fall 2018. According to the university site, we're supposed to begin our online Nursing class in the summer of '18 before the program.

    Im hoping to meet other students who applied for the program! I'm hoping to get accepted and a scholarship as well, things look bright! I did well on my HESI and have a great GPA. Does anyone know when we should be hearing if we got accepted into the program? I know the deadline is Dec. 15.

    Im also currently living in CA but plan on moving to GA soon. Because I'm an out-of-state transfer student, I didn't choose a specific campus. Wherever I end up is fine by me! I look forward to meeting you all and going through this journey together
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  3. by   roboblazer
    I have applied for the RN-BSN program Fall 2018 and am waiting for acceptance into the program. Are you applying as you said for the BSN starting into nursing program, not the RN to BSN?
  4. by   javagerty
    I also applied for the BSN Fall 2018 program and I'm excited to hear if I'll be admitted. I made a fairly high HESI score and have a solid GPA, but it's hard to not have that doubt lurking in the back of your mind. When do you think we will hear from them?
  5. by   MeganUNG2018
    Correct! I applied for the BSN starting into the nursing program. Hopefully we both get in, even though we'll be on different paths! RN-BSN is only a year or two right?
  6. by   MeganUNG2018
    That's great, javagerty! I got a 94 on the HESI and my cumulative GPA is a 3.8 so I feel good about getting into the program, though I still feel that lurking doubt as well! According to last year's cohort, it seems like we'll be hearing a decision sometime in February or early March. Then again, I'm not entirely sure!
  7. by   hmbenn9590
    Hey there! I just started in the Fall '17 Cohort. I got my acceptance letter around the second week of February. I've heard variations to this date, but in general they are sent out before Spring Break in March.

    Good Luck to you all and feel free to ask if you have any questions about the program!
  8. by   Chris_d_a811
    Hi hmbeen9590, how was your fall '17 semester? Is there anything I should start studying now? Like anything that is mainly memorization or that I should get familiar with? Someone else told me pathologies w/symptoms! Thank you! Christy
  9. by   roboblazer
    RN-BSN will be 3 semesters Fall 2018-Aug 2018. It will be great that you are going into the BSN from the start!
  10. by   hmbenn9590
    Honestly? I wouldn't stress about it right now. I highly suggest just taking advantage of the time you have to rest. Make sure you have all your supplies for the semester and then just CHILL. Enjoy time with your family and friends because it gets really hard to make time for them (not impossible, just not as much flexibility)

    What I will suggest is figuring out a way to be as organized as possible. I utilized a desk calendar and excel checklist to keep up with due dates. Figure out what works for you. Something I realized very quickly is that my normal study habits wouldn't work in nursing school, there's just too much content to cover. I used to write notes in class and then write out all my study guides as I reviewed the books/power points. I started focusing on the lecture in class and only adding notes to the power point on my laptop then typing up my study guides - much more efficient and I got a lot more out of lectures this way. The students in my cohort frequently share study guides with each other to get different perspectives on content.

    If you are more comfortable getting a head start, you can start reviewing the content in the fundamentals book that is used in the 2603 course - it will also be used for foundations. And you cover the entire book between those two classes, most of it in foundations.
  11. by   Chris_d_a811
    OMG Thank you so much! I will do those things!!
  12. by   hmbenn9590
    You're welcome! Happy to help! Let me know if ya need anything else
  13. by   emblank07
    Hi everyone,

    I also applied for Fall 2018. My GPA is 3.6 and I got a 96 on the HESI, so I'm hopeful! Good luck to you all!
  14. by   oliviam727
    Hi everyone! I'm Olivia and I applied for the BSN program as a transfer student from UGA. I have a comparable GPA and HESI to y'all that have commented.

    I just checked last year's cohort page and they found out on Feb 22nd so we should know hopefully around then! Of course I'm nervous about getting in even if I'm competitive, but I'm also getting worried about finding housing for next year since admittance comes out a bit late.