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    I am moving to the Atlanta area this summer. I have been trying to find out the steps needed to start practicing in GA now that it is apart of the compact states. If I already have a multistate license, shouldn't I be able to start applying for jobs and then transfer my primary state when I move there? I have not had much luck when speaking to the BON in Georgia. They really couldn't give me an answer. Has anyone here done this yet, since the change? Thank you!
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  3. by   adventure_rn
    In my experience (although I can't speak for your current state), your 'multi-state' license ends when the state of your current license is no longer your primary residence.

    When I lived in a compact state, my license had 'multi-state' (aka compact) status. As soon as I moved to another state and updated my contact info in the BON system, my license immediately switched from 'multi-state' to 'single-state.' Even though my license was still active, I couldn't have practiced in my new state with that license. Granted, my state has a clause which says that you can only have 'multi-state status' if you currently live in the state granting the license; I don't know if that's true of all compact states. I'm surprised that this isn't an issue more often with travel nurses who use a compact license and don't claim a tax home in their licensing state...

    I'd start applying for licensure by endorsement in Georgia (transferring your license). To do so, you'll probably have to jump through all of the hoops you'd need to for a non-compact state: submitting an application, providing proof of nursing school graduation and passing the NCLEX, passing a background check.
  4. by   chare
    When you relocate from one eNLC state to another you have either 30 or 90 days, depending upon state, during which you can work on your previous state's license. When you are issued your new license in GA, your previous state's license will be places on inactive status as you can only be licensed in on compact state if that license grants multi state privileges. Also, you can not apply for licensure in GA if you are a resident of another eNLC state as you have to apply for licensure in the state in which you maintain residency.

    Best wishes with your upcoming relocation.