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  1. by   RammerJammer 37
    Thanks! So on the weeks we don't have clinicals, we're in class or practicing in the lab?? Where are the clinicals? I am just trying to figure out how many days a week I will have to drive to Clarkston - assuming and hoping that I get in!!! Thanks for your help and good luck!!! Did you have a good first year? I have read so many negative things on here about the program. I have also read lots of positive ones too. Just wondering what your opinion is.
  2. by   Miss_TT
    When I was in 1921, clinicals were done in Grady, gwinnett, dekalb, rockdale, and Wesley woods. The days that you do not have clinicals are your free days unless you have something to do in lab. What I did was scheduled my lab times after classes if possible. That way I do not have to come to campus for labs on days that I do not have classes. I will be in third semester this fall. The first year was very hard because I was starting to learn what nursing is all about and we had to do so many check offs (11 total in first and second semester). I was overwhelmed to learn of the busy schedule on the first day of class. I had to get myself organized. Now that i know a lot more about nursing and about to start third semester, i'm enjoying it. Good luck to you.
  3. by   RammerJammer 37
    Thanks! Do you get to pick where you want to go or do they just send you?? I am assuming they just send you. Where is Wesley Woods??? Are the clinicals done during the day, night, or weekends? Does half the class do it at one facility?? Thanks for all of the info!!
  4. by   Miss_TT
    I don't know where Wesley woods is. You can google and mapquest it. They will assign you to the closest hospital to your home. In my class, clinicals were done in the mornings on thurs and fri or on fri and sat. About 10 students were assigned to one clinical site. 5 will go to clinical one week, and the other 5 will go next week.
  5. by   RammerJammer 37
    Do you get to pick the days? Are you assigned to a Saturday or can you choose that?
  6. by   cheergirl33
    Has anyone bought the "Williams Essentials of Nutrition & Diet Therapy" book? I have searched for it online and can't find it with the ISBN they gave us on our textbook list. Does anyone know if the ISBN listed is the correct one because I have found the book, just with a different ISBN. (It is 1 number off)
  7. by   bouncer13
    I believe that the ISBN # is wrong - I did get the book, but recall using a different ISBN #....
  8. by   huskergirl86
    The one listed on the sheet is incorrect, the correct ISBN is 9780323037648
  9. by   p421clcp
    See y'all tomorrow...hope we find out alot !
  10. by   cheergirl33
    Thanks guys! Can't wait for tomorrow!!!
  11. by   cheergirl33
    The seminar next Friday (8/14) is required right?
  12. by   nursinginga
    Hi there everyone. I just want to wish you all the best of luck and prayers as you venture into the GPC nursing program. I am a former graduate (May 2009) of GPC and wanted to let you know that, yes, it will be quite busy for this first semester but you will make it and you can do this and it does get better. This school prepared me so well for the NCLEX and to becoming an RN and I know that each one of you, by getting into the program itself, have what it takes to become a GPC RN.

    Good luck and prayers to each of you and I hope to be meeting you all during the semester. Please message me if you have any questions. I will try my best to help but may just answer back with "You need to speak to someone at the school" as things change each semester.
  13. by   p421clcp
    I don't think the seminar next Friday is required. I won't be able to make.