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  1. I've just completed my first year of nursing school, and I have started looking for tech/assitant jobs in hospitals. However, I have found it very difficult to get anywhere by applying online. I get the automated email response, that they will be continuing their search. Besides knowing someone that works in the hospital, is there any other tricks to getting hired at a downtown hospital? Any info would be appreciated
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  3. by   tracyd77
    I'm in NS too, so I haven't done it myself, but my local hospital holds a job fair specifically for Nursing type jobs and this is one place to start. Also I've been told that you could get a lead at the hospital that you do clinicals at. If I end up getting a tech/assistant job during NS, I'll probably go that route. Does the hospitals you've been applying allow you do fill out a paper application and submit it in person, I'm always leary about electronic applications myself, I think it says more to do it in person if you can. Anyways, good luck. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  4. by   HopefulRN2010
    Thanks for replying. Most of the hospitals I've been applying at only accept online applications, and even when you call to check on it you get an automated system. I've tried several of the hospitals I've done clinicals at, but most of them were on hiring freezes a couple of months ago. I'm hoping now that I'm going into my senior year of nursing school, maybe I'll have a better chance of finding something. Good luck to you!