Shepherd Center in Atlanta

  1. Hi, I am interested in finding more information about the Shepherd Center. Can anyone help? I see postings about the other hospitals in the Atlanta area, but very little on the Shepherd Center.
    Can anyone give any information about working at the Shepherd Center? What is your experience working here?
    What are some pros/cons to working here?
    What is the atmosphere like during the week vs weekends?
    Is there a difference between weekends and baylor commitment?
    Do they offer on-going education to staff to keep up to date with knowledge and skills?
    Do you feel supported by leadership?

    Thank you for any information that you share. It will be helpful!
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  3. by   Marshall1
    I have never worked there BUT I know several people who have and also several people who have been patients there. They ALL RAVE about it. It's "the" hospital for spinal injuries, etc. Has an excellent reputation in and around ATL.
  4. by   tj309
    Thank you!
  5. by   NeuroRehabRN
    I have worked there for years on all the different units. Each unit is different in regards to atmosphere, but overall, they're all great. It is more of a family feel than most other hospitals. You have a set schedule, so you work with the same people all the time. You (usually) work with the same PCT each day, and also have the same team of patients. Although it's rehab, it's still very challenging both mentally and physically. If you work during the week, mornings are crazy. It is more relaxed on the weekends.
  6. by   tj309
    Thank you for the insight you have shared. It is much appreciated.