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  1. Do anyone know of any refresher courses or anyone that tutors fo the NCLEX? I graduated PN school 3 yrs ago and need some help!! I'm in the Atlanta Metro area and I'm willing to travel.
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  3. by   yellow finch
    Quick question that doesn't answer yours... are you eligible to take the NCLEX after 3 years? I thought we had to take it within 1 year of graduating.

    NCSBN online

    Sylvia Rayfield is annoying but incredibly good!

    Kaplan has a review course

    Best of luck!
  4. by   GoosbyLPN
    no you can take the NClex whenever. Well I'm from NY so I'm not sure about other states.

    I'm taking the PN NCLEX and Sylivia's didnt have one in Atlanta, also I need to be in a classroom.
  5. by   yellow finch
    Yikes. Don't know what to tell you. Best of luck finding your answer!

  6. by   GoosbyLPN
    Yes!!! I finally found a refresher course...It's not in the Atlanta area,but a quick drive to Rock Springs, Ga. Its being offered by Sylvia Rayfield and it's for LPN not RN. It was $200 and a 2day process. They don't have the courses that often in GA I just lucked up on this time. Wish me luck!!!