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Hey everyone, Does anyone know what states (if any) that Georgia has reciprocity with? I have looked on the BON website but didn't see anything about it. Also, I have heard that it takes ages to... Read More

  1. by   RT18
    Ok, how about RN license in Hawaii, but less than 1 year exp and went through "non-traditional" program? Moving to Georgia, and I know that there has been a big deal about the non-trad programs and licensure in Ga. Anybody know about this one? I have read the Ga BON requirements, but it sounds like the BON can decide that I need to do a pre-ceptorship-how would you find one of those if you didn't go to school in GA?
    Its starting to feel like I just can't win-finally get through school, pass exams, get license-but not good enough for GA? WTH...
  2. by   Cmatt13
    To anyone attempting to get an IL license...keep in mind that there are between 1 and 3 people staffing the nursing license office *for the entire state*. No, really.

    This means that if you are applying for reciprocity from out of state, you will be pushed back behind those who have taken the exam in IL (or so the dude who used to work in that office told me once) and are waiting. IL has a horrible record relative to time between application and approval, mostly because of it being one person.
  3. by   jennyferperalta
    Quote from elkpark
    All the information and forms you need should be on the Illinois BON website. Have you looked there?

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    i went to the illinois BON website but i couldn't find the application forms or files for applying for reciprocity. i also have an NCLEX RN (California) license. how do i get an illinois licence through reciprocity? and where do i send it? can you give the the exact link where i can download the forms? thank u!