Rate your county/city

  1. HI, i am one of the hopefuls trying to move to ATL. After reading all the traffic nightmare stories , i have decided to complie a list and present it
    to the people who know best(you)

    What are the 3 best counties/cities to live in ATL in terms of
    great school for kids(up to high school)
    hospitals and nursing homes(within 30 minutes of home)
    shopping(food and clothing stores)
    subdivision with great ammenities(for kids especially) max 250k
    'safe' environment and great community atmosphere

    feel free to express your views..thnx
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  3. by   PreRN Katie
    I live in Cherokee County and I love it! Most areas are nice & there's not much crime, traffic isn't so bad, and it's close to everything. There's a great assortment of food and clothes places to shop as well. From what I understand the schools are well-ranked. Cobb is also nice...well, all except the south part of it. It's school system is excellent as is the shopping, etc. It's a bit more expensive though. It borders Cherokee on the south. Kennestone Hospital is in Cobb, only about a 20 minute drive from most of Cobb and/or Cherokee. Also in Cherokee you have Northside-Canton Hospital, and Piedmont Mountainside is one county to the north (about a 20-30 minute drive). Also you can get to Atlanta fairly quickly from both places. Hwys 75 & 575 are easily accessible and are some of the most major hwys in GA. Both are very safe and nice places to live...I grew up in Cobb and moved a bit further north to Cherokee this past summer. Hope that helps!
  4. by   mauxtav8r
    Former Georgian here. Look into Newnan or Peachtree City. Best of luck. There are tons of great communities around Atlanta.
  5. by   rajan2
    i am grateful of all this useful information....are there beautiful parks and reacreational activities for kids in cherokee and cobb county...i tend to like the subdivisions that has a tennis court, pool and playarea.

    i like the idea of communiting only 20-30 minutes and it seems that i would have a lot of hospitals/nursing homes to choose from in cobb county.
    would you say the same for peachtree city and henry county?
  6. by   PreRN Katie
    There are great parks and neighborhoods in both Cobb & Cherokee. Both of them are suburban family-oriented type areas so you'll find amenities like swimming pools & playgrounds w/in the neighborhoods, plus community parks with baseball fields, soccer fields, walking trails, etc. Both are wonderful places for kids. I'm not too familiar with Henry County and the surrounding areas. I'm a country girl and I prefer the woodsy-ness of north Georgia.