Problem with RN license renewal this year

  1. Hello my fellow Georgia RN's,
    Did anyone else miss seeing the note to submit a SVD with your RN license renewal this year or am I the only nurse who missed seeing the "yellow block" with instructions? I filled out the online renewal form on Jan. 5, 2013, entered my credit card info and my fees were taken the next day. Meanwhile I was busy working, then lost my internet for 10 days, then went on vacation, and while on I-75 returning from vacation, recieved a call from my boss that my nursing license had LAPSED. Well, you can imagine my distress, so I found out on the website, that a SVD, a copy of drivers license had to be submitted, which my boss immediately did, and I called the BON, after holding for 45 minutes, I was told that I missed the deadline extension by 7 days, it was indeed lapsed and to reinstate takes "5 weeks or longer". OMG so....sitting here calling to try to find help, just wondering if I am the only one?
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  3. by   kalanel5
    What is SVD?
  4. by   YogaloverRN
    A secure and verifiable document, such as a driver's license, passport etc.
  5. by   kalanel5
    On yeah I live in Georgia and renewed this year. My employer was really good about telling us about that requirement. My job also was adamant about renewing early to allow for any issues that may have come up. I renewed on December 16 and my renewal date still had not been updated. I ended up having to resend all my documents again the 2nd week of January. The process this year definitely wasn't easy and convenient. Sorry that happened.
  6. by   brown eyed girl
    Im a LPN and I've sent my documents in TWICE before resending it by express mail yesterday to be delivered on monday. I initially sent my documents by fax with their cover sheet Feb 12, no online update. Then sent it by email this past Tuesday, still no online update. I called them twice and was on hold for at the minimum 50 minutes both times, only to be told it takes 10-14 business days and to resubmit my verification by mail; so, I went to the post office yesterday and sent it express mail with a signature confirmation to be delivered back to me and I will STILL HAVE TO WAIT 10-14 BUSINESS DAYS which cuts it EXTREMELY CLOSE to the end of the month! I can't understand why the BON is so DISORGANIZED AND SLOW! SMH.
  7. by   YogaloverRN
    Hello Brown Eyed girl,
    I went to Macon in person yesterday to turn in my "reinstatement", yes you heard me, they forced me to do the whole reinstatement process and pay $90.00 to do it. On the way home from Macon, which is a 2 hour drive in friday Atlanta traffic for me, my attorney called me and told me that he just a call from the SOS's office saying any nurses who submit a reinstatement now, there is a 5 day turn-around. Well, thursday night I pulled up the renewal web site just as I did when I did the original renewal, geuss what? NOW the website has been updated with a big yellow blog at the top which says to send in your SVD!! Now why was that not done in August 2011 when the law was passed? So the Georgia SOS raised over $417,500.00 in fees from all the RN's who renewed and then were forced to reinstate when they "lapsed" our licenses, not to mention WE CAN'T WORK. Hmm does anybody out there care?
  8. by   jonesgeo
    This is happening to me now. I am a new grad and very upset. They make us do a background check but can't determine our citizenship. I took my test almost two weeks ago and sent in my paperwork and there still saying it may take 7-10 business days... Just ridiculous and they will not let you know if the document have been recieved. Very poor system
  9. by   geogden
    I am trying to renew my Georgia nursing license that expired in January. Any suggestions. You know how they don't like answering the phone and all. I would like to travel back as a dialysis nurse or at least have that option.
  10. by   roboblazer
    Have you reinstated your license since 2013, was your license lapsed or expired as in you had to take the board over. Just wondering because it had happened to me as well.
  11. by   roboblazer
    Have you reinstated your license since 2013, was your license lapsed or expired as in you had to take the board over. Just wondering because it had happened to me as well.