Possibly moving to Atlanta from Wisconsin RN BSN with 7 months experience

  1. Hello, I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I might possibly be moving to Atlanta with my fiance. I've been working on a medical telemetry unit with trachs and some chronic vent patients for 1.5 years as a CNA, 6 months as a nurse extern, and 7 months with my license. My fiance and I might be moving to Atlanta, because he is applying to one of the schools there (not nursing). Honestly, I have never been to Atlanta. I have no idea what it is like, only that it is probably A LOT warmer than Wisconsin. I was wondering if anybody could tell me what it is like to be an RN in Atlanta.

    What are the best places/companies to work at in Atlanta?

    How well are RN's with about 1 year of experience paid there?

    Are there many NP or CNS programs around that area?

    How are the benefits for RN's there?

    Could someone maybe give me a list of pros and cons for being an RN in Atlanta?

    Has anybody on here ever worked in both states?
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  3. by   MJB2010
    I do not know anything about Wisonsin! Do you know what part of Georgia you will be in, or will you be living downtown? Downtown hospitals pay a little better. New grads start in Georgia anywhere from 18-24 ish per hour and go up from there with a year of experience. Downtown you make more, in the sticks you make less. You should be able to find a job, you have good experience with tele, vents, and trachs. Which hospitals are you looking at?
  4. by   karamarie91
    I lived in Milwaukee when I was teenager for about a summer... but things are definitely more fast paced here in ATL than up there. I'm a PCT, but all the hospitals here pretty highly regarded. It depends on what you're looking for IMO. I heard competition is harder for RN jobs here especially in the metro area. The poster above me on point with the pay rate for new grads and those with not that much experience. The NP programs include Emory, Georgia State, and Kennesaw, as well a few schools out in the far places in GA. Medical College of GA in Augusta(3 hours from atl) has a CNL program.

    Good luck, sorry that I couldn't answer all your questions.
  5. by   PedsHopeful
    I also live in Wisconsin and would like to relocate to GA after I get my license so any info given is helpful.