New LPN grad having difficulty finding a job in Columbus, GA - page 2

I graduated last week on December 13th. I have been consistently looking 4 a job in Columbus,GA. I spoke with an LPN recruiter at a hospital on Wednesday and she informed me that the hospital is no... Read More

  1. by   LPNboo2008
    I just got the bad news from one of the doctors offices I applied for. They want someone with experience. It is kind of tough to get experience if no one is willing to allow me to get experienced. I applied for everything from hospital, doctors offices, and LTC facilities in my surrounding area.

    I did get a very odd job offer. It was for working behind a desk being some kind of rep for insurance companies....I would rather utilize the skills I have to help people one on one, but if nothing else comes up soon I will have to go and check it out.