New Grad Relocating to Atlanta, Georgia

  1. I graduate in May and plan to relocate to Atlanta if I am offered a residency position at CHOA, Wellstar, Grady or Piedmont. Has anyone done this recently? Any advice or lessons learned that anyone wants to share would be greatly appreciated.

    For instance, living in the immediate city can be convenient but expensive, are their outside neighborhoods I should gravitate to and/or ones to avoid? How did you go about meeting people and socializing. Did you visit before you made the move?

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  3. by   atluganurse
    I have been in Georgia since college. Good places to live are lower Marietta, Smyrna, Mableton. They will put you within 30 min of those hospitals that you mentioned. Cobb County is relatively safe but does have its pockets of crime. Vinings is really nice but can be pricey. Best ways to meet people are through your neighborhood, work mixers, sports events etc...
  4. by   KDHrn2md
    Thank-you so much! I will definitely do my research on the places you mentioned!
  5. by   Peachiepie
    I agree with atluganurse. Those are good places to stay. If you don't have transportation it would be a good idea to find a place close to the train MARTA I would put Grady at the bottom of my list, but that's just my opinion. You can look at hospital ratings also.
  6. by   KDHrn2md
    Yes transportation is a huge factor. So right now I'm trying to figure out where to live that's not too costly, close to MARTA and safe. I plan to visit next month to get a better idea.

    You'd put Grady at your bottom?! Do you mind sharing why? I did a lot of research and Grady seemed ideal; whereas Northside didn't get great reviews at all.
  7. by   Southpawdown
    Grady is IS a downtown hospital that is overwhelmed BUT you will see/experience a LOT there for sure. Northside is a very nice hospital and pays very well - as does Piedmont. CHOA, as you know I'm sure, is all peds but also has an excellent reputation. Wellstar I don't know anything about but again, traffic in ATL is AWFUL so keep that in mind because travel to/from your home.