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  1. I have been here in ATL for 3 months now and I am having the hardest time trying to find a full time permanent job that doesn't require me to "put my license on the line." I am working corrections for an agency like I wanted to but, the inmates are wearing on my mental health. I am trying so hard to break away from ltc mainly b/c I want to become more versatile and have more to offer in the way of clinical skills plus I want to learn something different. I have been online to every site that I know and, I either don't have enough experience (I have been licensed and working since Feb.06) b/c their minimum experience is 2 years or nobody wants to hire a LPN from ltc or corrections.:angryfire I have tried Pediatric Services of America and they told me that since I didn't have any peds experience, they aren't interested and I keep getting rejected from every position that I apply to at Emory; and I've been applying to them since I got here in February. I have tried local agencies to try to get a temp to hire position at a local dr. offices, but they have told me to try again later in the year without really asking me what I want to do or allowing me to explain to them what I want to achvieve. Before I came to ATL I was highly respected at my job at a ltc facility and was assured that I would always be highly recommended from them; and now that I work here for an agency doing corrections, the staff call and ask for me by request; so what am I doing wrong? At this point, Im ready to give up and go back to struggle in Ohio instead of being here but, my family keeps telling me not to get frustrated and that something will come sooner or later. Can somebody offer me some help or show me what Im doing wrong?
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  3. by   tylrk0811
    I am currently sharing your pain. Newly licensed and everyone wants experience. I thought there was a shortage. Let me know what you come up with.
  4. by   PedsRNBSN
    Sorry I can't help you . I know lots of places looking for RNs (even newly licensed) but not that many for LPNs. Have you tried recruiters and not agencies. Have you tried websites like or ? Also, try applying directly to a Dr. office maybe they need someone with a medical background for a non-clinical job (if you are interested). Hope this helps....Good Luck!
  5. by   tylrk0811
  6. by   I_am_Julia
    the employment opportunities in atlanta in all professions is pretty stiff. there are so many people here competing for so few jobs. hang in there. maybe in the meantime, you can take a few lpn to rn bridge classes. again, in atlanta the competition is very stiff.
  7. by   rollie
    I have never seen this stiff competition here for nurses. I only graduated last year and had several job offers within weeks after passing the nclex.

    I do know that emory doesn't hire lpn's for hospital work, only at the emory clinic which is like dr's offices. Oh, and at the emory ltc facilities but you said you didn't want that.
  8. by   nuprospect2
    I had high hopes of escaping the high cost of living here in South Florida and moving to GA, but now I'm discouraged about finding a job. I see that Grady hospital is hiring for several LPN positions, check there website Brown eyed girl.
  9. by   brown eyed girl
    I have applied to all of them since they were posted; I applied for 12 positions and I havent heard anything from them plus when I tried to get in touch with the LPN recruiter, all I can get is the initial screener of the ap's and resumes. I can never get to the hiring manager to be a little more aggressive but professional with my sincere interest in all of the positions that they have open.
  10. by   AdonaiLoveable
    I think that Grady Hospital has LPNs. You might also look into Atlanta Medical. DeKalb Medical used to have LPNs, but I do not know if they still do. Have you tried some hospitals that are just outside the city? Such as Henry Medical, Southern Regional, etc.?
  11. by   Chloe'sinNYNow
    Quote from tylrk0811
    I am currently sharing your pain. Newly licensed and everyone wants experience. I thought there was a shortage. Let me know what you come up with.
    DITTO!!!!! I've been so depressed after passing my NCLEX. I should be celebrating, but I'm so discouraged about finding work. What are you all doing to get in touch w/ recruiters?