Middle Georgia acceptance/rejection letters?

  1. calling all middle georgia(mgc dublin/cochran locations) potentials for 2012 nursing! come forward and lets keep each other motivated and calm while we wait. even if you have been through the program last year or the year before, lets talk nursing. i can't stand feeling like i'm alone at this particular college when i know theirs a 100 or more possible's. anyway to get the conversation started, my hesi is a 84% on all sections they needed and i have taken all my core except for maybe one not sure though due to being a transfer student. i'm going to call the school this week to confirm if i'm finished, but i have did over all what is required. my gpa just for nursing core is a 3.5. ok i have spilled the beans, now it's someone else's turn. you are welcome to tell me what you think my chances are especially if you've been through the process or just know about the school and how they operate. tell me anything on this long journey of waiting. sorry for the long post, where would i be without this site!!!!!!!!
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    I took my HESI exam in March and scored a 85.5%, my class average was a 82%. I am proud of this grade. But I am not sure if I will get accepted into Middle GA College due to my GPA which is around a 2.8. I started off at Macon State College and made attempted to take class their made C's in there classes and then transferred to Georgia Military College, where I have completed Most of my classes with A's and B's. I only have Micro, College Algebra and World Lit left to take this summer. So I am not sure if I will get accepted. :-( But I have applied to Darton College as well and hope to have a better chance.
  5. by   limitless-visions
    Hay Bdycky it's good to hear from you. I have not heard a lot from many students at middle Georgia. I'm glad to see our scores are right there so we can relate some. I'm not sure what the competition is like. The school says it changes every year. Lets just keep the faith. The wait is killing me. I hope it's worth the while. Anyway were are you from? I live in statesboro. I'm thinking about commuting but I heard the program is very hard so I might relocate to the area if I get in. Have you been through this process before with applying to nursing programs and being accepted or rejected? I didn't get into darton for the summer but I am going to put in my fall application this week before the deadline just incase I don't get in middle ga. I look forward to staying in touch with you and I wish you good luck.
  6. by   Bdycky
    I live in Macon so the drive is about an hour. I use to live near Statesboro and that is going to be a long and exhausting drive. I have not heard from alot of people in this area either I am not sure what other students scores are. U applied to Darton and did not get accepted?Your GPA and scores are Great! Did they tell u why u did not get accepted?
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    Also this is my first time applying to any nursing programs. So I'm not sure what to expect.
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    Hay Bdycky I thought I would check in with you! This waiting is horrible. I can't stop thinking about my letter and what it will say. May isn't going to get here fast enough. Anyway I wanted to encourage you to continue to stay positive about getting in because I talk to two different people that have graduated from the program and they say their GPA's were what yours is 2.8 and 2.9. I thought I would share that with you. So don't give up!!! In the meantime what are you doing to not think about your letter and have you heard any insight on letters or anything pertaining to Middle GA?
  9. by   Bdycky
    Thanks I appreciate it. Honestly I do not really have time to think that much about it between working full time and still going to school full time. It comes up maybe once a day when I see the date on a page. I am also studying to take the HESI again this June for Darton College. I noticed you applied to Darton before why did they not accept you?
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    I didn't get in because I made a 78.40%. The score at middle GA didn't transfer to darton so I had to take it again. The Anatomy was hard to me I made a 68% on the anatomy and actually that was the part I studied the most for darton. Anyway I'm surprised to see that you are taking it in June as well What is your test Date? I just got my test date in the mail for June 1st. I did reapply for the fall just in case I don't get in with Middle GA. If I get a letter from Middle GA then I may not take the test for Darton. My Goal is to get a letter it doesn't matter from which school. What are your plans if you get accepted into MGC will you still take the Hesi for Darton?
  11. by   Bdycky
    Oh really. I am really worried about the a & p part of the test now after seeing a variety of people post. I thought the one at Middle Ga was pretty easy. My testing date is June 9. IF is the word, I get accepted lol I will not take the test. I spoke with someone at the nursing department today at Middle GA College and she said that they should send the letters out towards the end of May :-( such a long wait.
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    I wish middle Ga was as fast as Darton, Darton always sends things to you earlier than they say. Anyway I Guess we will have to keep busy it's going to be a looooooooong month of May.
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    Hay Bdycky the count down is on now!!!!! Let me know it you get your letter first
  14. by   Bdycky
    Hey I sure will! This month is already going by first. I hope the next couple of weeks goes quick also.